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Adult #13: SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT (Contemporary F/F Romance #OwnVoices)
Meryl Wilsner
Mentored by:
Farah Heron
Book Title:
Something to Talk About
2018 Adult Entries
Contemporary Romance (#OwnVoices)
Word Count:


DEVIL WEARS PRADA meets CASTING LACEY. When Hollywood powerhouse Jo makes her assistant Emma laugh on the red carpet, photos of the affectionate moment lead the tabloids to declare they’re dating. This ridiculous gossip couldn’t come at a worse time—threatening Emma’s promotion and Jo’s new film project. But as both women fight to protect their careers, they realize the rumor might not be so off base after all.



Jo Jones in the running for Silver gig, the headline on the screen said. Right beneath that, in italics, it read, But should she be?

Emma huffed as she scrolled through the article for the fifth time. She didn’t normally spend her mornings reading gossip columns about her boss, but Jo had had a meeting with the studio producing the next Agent Silver movie earlier this week. As Jo’s assistant, Emma knew her schedule of appointments but not what happened within them. She wanted to know how the meeting had gone.

The article didn’t clear that up for her. Jo was on the shortlist, at least, but was apparently a terrible choice. No experience writing a movie, certainly not an action flick. It was like they forgot she was the showrunner of TV’s top drama five years running. Sure, Innocents didn’t have explosions or fight scenes—except that one time in season two—but it was good. It was quality television. Jo had the Emmys to prove it.

Not good enough for this columnist, though. He didn’t come out and say it was because Jo was a Chinese American woman. Instead the article was filled with worries about too soft a touch and a concern she would somehow miss the truly American essence of Silver. Emma rolled her eyes. Jo was born and freaking raised here.

6 responses to “Adult #13: SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT (Contemporary F/F Romance #OwnVoices)”

  1. Sharon Pelletier says:

    Hi Meryl, I’d like to see the first 50 pages! Please send with a query to spelletier@dystel.com with “Pitch Wars Request” and your name in the subject line.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Jess Dallow says:

    Hi Meryl, This sounds awesome. I’d love to see the full manuscript. Please send it to me in a word document with the query in the body of the email to jess@browerliterary.com with the title of your manuscript and PITCH WARS in the subject. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Marlo Berliner says:

    Interesting! I’d love to see where this is going! Please submit your query and first 30 pages via my Query Manager: http://QueryMe.Online/marloberliner
    If more than one JDLA agent requests, simply submit to the agent you feel would be the best fit. Be sure to only submit to one JDLA agent at a time. If the first agent passes, you are welcome to try the next.

  4. Tess Callero says:

    I would LOVE to take a look at this one! I am a huge fan of all things Hollywood, and this sounds so fun. If you’d like to share with me, please send the first 50 pages attached as a word doc to tc@cbltd.com when you get a chance. Thank you!

  5. Devin Ross says:

    Hi Meryl- I’d love to read the full manuscript. Please send it to dross@newleafliterary.com with “pitch wars request” in the subject line. Excited to read!

  6. Stefanie Lieberman says:

    I’m eager to read more!
    Please send the pitch and the full manuscript in an email addressed to submissions(at)Janklow.com with the following subject line: For Stefanie Lieberman – requested Pitch Wars material.