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Adult #40: DEAD SILENCE (Paranormal Mystery)
Jennifer Stark
Mentored by:
Nikki Dolson
Book Title:
2018 Adult Entries
Paranormal Mystery
Word Count:


KINSEY MILLHONE meets THE DEAD ZONE: Since her sister’s death twenty years ago, Maureen Quinn’s been supernaturally blocked. She meets a man with a plan to get her powers back which is great because her drug dealer client is starting to doubt her abilities and gives her an assignment she can’t refuse. Forced to solve a murder to save herself, Maureen will stop at nothing to find the killer. But someone is working against her—either one of the murdered teen’s friends or the spirit of the dead girl herself.



In the kitchen of a mid-level drug dealer, Maureen Quinn slid a casserole into the oven of a dead man and set her phone’s timer for thirty minutes. She exhaled and wiped her palms onto her skirt. “We should start.”

As usual, Dora Teslenko had her dead father’s favorite semiautomatic, his Smith & Wesson 1006, in pieces on the table in front of her. Before every reading Dora took it apart, cleaned each piece, and then put it all back together, just the way she was doing now.

So why did Maureen feel that something was off?

Dora fitted a spring onto a metal rod with nimble, confident fingers. The frame of the gun lay on the table abandoned. Maureen had never noticed before that with its barrel removed it looked like a hungry empty mouth, a skeleton jaw missing its skull.

Maureen squeezed Dora’s shoulder.

“It’s going to happen today.” Dora said. “I feel it.” She knocked her fist against her chest.

“Yes,” Maureen said.

Dora would, of course, fail to reach her dead father. But Dora was desperate and Maureen had rent to pay.

2 responses to “Adult #40: DEAD SILENCE (Paranormal Mystery)”

  1. Joanna MacKenzie says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I love the voice here and would love to read more. Please follow this link to upload your manuscript:http://queryme.online/1353/PitchWars2019

  2. Penelope Burns says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m intrigued here and would love to see more! Can you send your query and first fifty pages to penelope@gelfmanschneider.com, with #PitchWars in the subject line? Thank you!

    All best,