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List of Participating Agents

Janczuk, Weronika D4EO Literary Agency

Johnson, Kaitlyn Corvisiero Literary Agency

Jonker, Rosie Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc.

Knapp, Peter Park Literary & Media

Lakosil, Natalie Bradford Literary Agency

Landis, Sarah Sterling Lord Literistic

LaPolla, Sarah Bradford Literary Agency

LeJeune, Becky Bond Literary Agency

Lieberman, Stefanie Janklow & Nesbit Associates

Lionetti, Kim BookEnds Literary Agency

MacKenzie, Joanna Nelson Literary Agency

Martindale Kean, Taylor Full Circle Literary

Mattson, Jennifer Andrea Brown Literary Agency

McCarthy, Jim Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

McReynolds, Brady JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc

Moore, Penny Aevitas Creative Management

Morgan, Sam Foundry Literary + Media

Morris, Natascha BookEnds Literary Agency

Nasson, Melissa Rubin Pfeffer Content

Nelson, Kristin Nelson Literary Agency