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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.


President Penelope Pennington has a nice ring to it. But the PTA doesn’t want a transgender sixth grade class president - they’ve circulated a petition to keep her off the ballot. Even with cupcakes, posters, and getting rid of sporks, she can’t win if she can’t run! And she’s got to win to ensure every kid in school feels like they can succeed - especially kids like her.

PW2019 MG #16: THE CLOCKWORK STAR (Fantasy)

After getting caught being deceitful, young servant Christa is cursed to lie when she means the truth and tell the truth when she means to lie. But that won’t keep her from her dreams of airship adventures, especially when the Clockwork Star arrives in town.

Christa runs away and boards the ship in disguise, only to become a suspect when someone tries to kill the king. To maintain her innocence and stay aboard, Christa must beat her curse and catch the assassin—before they strike again.

PW2019 MG #17: NOTES FROM THE OTHER SIDE (Contemporary Fantasy)

Twelve-year-old Ivy loves acting but has panic attacks whenever she tries to perform on stage. When her recently deceased cousin starts offering encouragement from beyond the grave, Ivy must decide whether to follow the ghostly guidance or give up her dream of starring in the school play. GHOSTS x UMBRELLA SUMMER.

PW2019 MG #18: THE FUTURE STRIKES BACK (Contemporary Science Fiction)

An anxious, asthmatic boy gets recruited by a girl from the future to launch a climate strike big enough to rewrite history.

PW2019 Adult #01: A PERFECT MESS (Contemporary Rom Com, #OwnVoices OCD)

THE HATING GAME meets THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. When a quirky consultant goes undercover for the Cruella de Vil of men’s luxury fashion, she tumbles into a steamy romance with a CEO candidate she’s hired to spy on. Now she must find a way to mend her reputation—and heart—before her perfectly planned life unravels.

PW2019 Adult #02: THE TRACKS END AT VICTORY (Epic Fantasy)


The town of Victory’s a frontier haven for mystical outcasts. Sheriff Val Rivers keeps the peace, but a railroad worker’s murder ignites a powder keg of violence between the superstitious laborers and ‘monstrous’ locals. To find the killer, Val must bargain with the goddess who screwed her over decades ago. If she can’t pay the goddess’ horrifying price, the corpse on the tracks won’t be lonely for long.

PW2019 Adult #03: CHEKHOV’S HAMMER (#ownvoices Mystery/Suspense)

Dr. Raeya Patel had it all. The two kids. The house. The career. Everything but the white picket fence. Then her husband died in a hit-and-run. Now Raeya seems to be the only one in her Massachusetts town who cares what happened. She launches her own investigation, but finds her family stalked by a sinister patient when she links her husband’s death to a conspiracy involving a string of brutal homicides. Harlan Coben’s Tell No One meets The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke.

PW2019 Adult #04: THE BUTCHER (Speculative Fiction)

TRUE GRIT x BLACK MIRROR x THE REVENANT: When Deputies murder her mother for refusing to harm a convicted child, Lady Mae inherits her role as Settlement Five’s Butcher—a court-appointed torturer of criminals. As her inner rage grows, she endures scorn from all but her childhood love, the bastard of the meanest man in town. But when Deputies arrest her love next, Lady Mae must choose: does she escape the settlement for redemption, or seek vengeance—even if it kills her.

PW2019 Adult #05: THE WITCH OF SHADOW GAP WOODS (Mystery)

True-crime junkie Avery Tensley wishes life were as easy to predict as an episode of Forensic Files. After botching her law school application, she finds work at a used bookstore, only to be consumed by a murder mystery surrounding its former occupant. As suspects emerge and small-town secrets unravel, Avery finds herself on the trail of a killer—while reckoning with her role in the death of a childhood friend.

PW2019 Adult #06: THE XENOLOGIST (Science Fiction Thriller)


When aliens launch brain-scrambling attacks, world-class neurologist Enid Penfield is hired to mentally protect special forces from the strange mind-altering powers. But her loyalty shifts after she’s kidnapped by rogue aliens and discovers the true threat is a human terrorist organization bent on genocide. Trapped between two sides, Enid must decide whether saving the alien civilization is worth her family’s lives.