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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2019 Adult #07: SONG OF THE SOPHOS (#OwnVoices Fantasy)

Water, Land, Aer, Fyr. Once allies, the great clans of Erthos now regard each other with suspicion and scorn.

A prophecy sends Jorkka, exiled son of a Fyrclan chief, on a journey home to stop his uncle from butchering his people. On the way, he makes an unorthodox pact with a Waterclan chieftess: his hand in betrothal for her warriors to fight by his side. But love complicates his loyalties; Jorkka must overcome an ugly truth or lose all to his uncle’s bloodlust.

PW2019 Adult #08: THE CORN DOG PACT (Women’s Fiction)

New Girl meets I’m Fine and Neither Are You. Discovering she’s pregnant with her ex-husband’s baby is the cherry on top of Josie’s disastrous year. Desperate for change, she teams up with her long-lost best friend and former high-school crush to improve their adulthood woes. If she can’t stabilize her chaotic life, she risks losing rights to her son in divorce court.


PW2019 Adult #09: WALKING THROUGH NEEDLES (Crime Fiction)

MY DARK VANESSA meets DARK PLACES in this lyrical, unsettling crime novel about forbidden desires and family secrets that won’t stay buried. Sam thinks she’s come to terms with her past trauma and the masochistic sexuality it sparked. But when her stepbrother is accused of murdering their mutual abuser, her obsession with clearing his name plunges her back into her hellish Oklahoma childhood.

PW2019 Adult #10: ISLE IN THE FLOOD (Fantasy – High/Romantic)

Seer Mona Arnett—brash, spoiled, and severely agoraphobic—hasn’t gone outside in ten years. When the royal council recruits her to predict the king's future bride, her reading returns the worst name imaginable: her own. 

Opalvale’s vital magic will die without a queen. Now, Mona must decide: how much chaos and ruination will she risk to keep herself off the throne?

PW2019 Adult #11: ILYA’S GAMBIT (Fantasy Romance)

Espionage and seduction—not skills Ilya honed to lead her people, but ones she'll need to free them. Held hostage by the emperor’s captain, Lucien, Ilya employs her wits and wiles to source information for a growing rebel movement. But Lucien isn’t the monster his fearsome helm depicts, and as Ilya unearths the truth about his beloved father-figure, the emperor, Lucien struggles with a reality more terrifying than the magical illusions he weaves. Each will have to determine where their hearts and loyalties lie—if the emperor doesn’t kill them first. A PROMISE OF FIRE meets THE BRIDGE KINGDOM.

PW2019 Adult #12: HOW TO BURY THE LIVING (Literary LGBTQ #OwnVoices)

Memories of his dead family haunt grieving archaeology student Jasper, whose only solace lies in unearthing the burials and artefacts of prehistoric Britain. When a charming yet emotionally unpredictable Irishman tries seducing him back to the present, it will take all of Jasper's heart to finally bury his dead and start curating a new, chosen family.

PW2019 Adult #13: EDGE OF A SAVAGE LAND (Historical Fiction)

Italy. 1392. Béa, daughter of a volatile feudal lord, seeks stability after her fiancé’s death, but her father’s erratic behavior destroys her marriage prospects and poisons family relationships. As a dormant vendetta awakens, Béa must find a path to peace in her patriarchal world or risk losing her beloved brothers and her future.

PW2019 Adult #14: THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL SPRING (#OwnVoices Magic Realism)

When NYC photographer Amy Wu learns her mother has died, grief blurs her sight and her photos. She travels to her childhood home in Manchuria and seeks her mother through memories, stories, and photos. The artistic ambition that tore Amy from her family may be the only thing that can reconcile them and allow Amy to see clearly. Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune meets My Name is Lucy Barton.

PW2019 Adult #15: GODFORSAKEN (Historical Fantasy)

The gods have forsaken Queen Kaikeyi, so she turns instead to magic, using the secret threads of the Binding Plane to empower the women of her kingdom. But the gods always punish defiance, and in their wrath they force Kaikeyi to choose between her principles and her beloved son, Rama.


PW2019 Adult #16: LOVE AND LIKES (Women’s Fiction Romantic Comedy)


Social media influencer Evie Stanton lives her whole (staged and edited) life for the world to see 24/7. But when she meets Oliver James—a super sexy celeb who likes to keep his private life private—she has to decide what’s more important to the REAL Evie: likes online or love IRL.