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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2021 Adult #09: MASKS OF LIVING BONE (Superhero Thriller)

When a bone-splicing killer stalks the city of Diamond Heights, only a lightning-powered hero with a rage problem and a repressed city employee with a taste for violence can stop him—and the killer is in love with at least one of them. As the bodies pile up, they’ll have to choose: resist their taboo desires and protect their city, or become villains themselves?

PW2021 Adult #10: FUTURE ATTRACTIONS (Upmarket/Climate Fiction)

Climate change is bearing down on Helen’s home state of Florida. It’s becoming difficult to ignore despite her all-consuming job spearheading future attractions for Joyland, an amusement park mega-corporation. When Joyland becomes a villain for its part in a warming planet, Helen must figure out her own part in the company’s problems, and its solutions.

PW2021 Adult #11: HERE COMES THE BRIDE (Thriller)

One private island, four bridesmaids…and a bride hell-bent on revenge.

When Annabel and her friends receive the hen party invitation, they think it must be a joke. They spent their school years teasing Poppy – harmless joking around, of course – and haven’t seen her since their infamous prom night.

Poppy promises an all-expenses-paid holiday on a luxury island. Excluded from other people, it’s the perfect setting to let bygones be bygones. But as secrets are exposed and friendships tested, the women realize they’re trapped with nowhere to run.

And not everyone is going to make it out alive.


PW2021 Adult #12: THE WELLNESS RETREAT (Upmarket Thriller – #OwnVoices Filipino-American)

NINE PERFECT STRANGERS meets THE HERD. Haunted by the disappearance of a childhood friend, jaded Fil-Am Delia joins an exclusive women’s wellness community in the hopes of finding the other estranged friend who might have answers. But when Delia uncovers a darker agenda amongst the group’s leadership, she must choose between remaining complicit in a community she has longed for, or risk her life to uncover the secrets of her past.

PW2021 Adult #13: SPANNER (Science Fiction; Space Opera; Bi MC)

WINTER'S ORBIT meets The Expanse

Mage pilot Nikita has a problem: she's not a real mage, and her magic-generating augmentations are killing her. So when her ex appears with a dangerous job in exchange for a cure, she can't refuse. All she needs to do is hoodwink a legendary captain, avoid falling for the ship's spy, and steal a human soul without losing her own. No pressure.

PW2021 Adult #14: HOLLYWOOD DOWN LOW (Mystery)

Sassy college grad Allison is stuck serving booze at L.A.’s glitziest strip club during the ’90s recession. After Hollywood heartthrob Heston Stahl stiffs her on his huge bar tab, she crashes his mansion to settle the check. But she stumbles on Heston’s corpse, and becomes lead villain for police, paparazzi, his stalker—and a target for his killer … unless she solves the crime. HUSTLERS meets VERONICA MARS.

PW2021 Adult #15: DEMON HUNTER PHOEBE (Paranormal Romance)


Demon hunter Phoebe slays her way into Hell to rescue her best friend. Plot twist, he’s a satanic prince destined to kickstart the end times. To save everyone, herself included, she makes a deal with the enemy–infuriating, hotter-than-hell Saturn. What’s the worst that could happen? The apocalypse?

PW2021 Adult #16: THESE DEATHLESS SHORES (Fantasy – Retelling)

PETER PAN x SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN in a Malaysian-inspired, genderbent retelling of Captain Hook

Jordan was once a Lost Boy, convinced she would never grow up. Now, she’s twenty-two and exiled to the real world, still suffering withdrawal from the magic Dust of her childhood—and the drug she’s using to medicate that withdrawal is wreaking its final, fatal effects. With nothing left to lose, Jordan returns to the Island and its stories—of pirates and war and the cruelty of youth—intent on facing Peter one last time, on her own terms.

If that makes her the villain…so be it.

PW2021 Adult #17: THAT WRETCHED VALLEY (Horror)


Four campers enter the Kentucky woods trying to find the next undiscovered climbing spot. But the spot is cursed, and it’s only a matter of time before the woods, the ghosts, or their own cabin fever gets the best of them.

PW2021 Adult #18: NOT SO CORDIALLY INVITED (Contemporary Rom-Com)

40-year-old Summer Hart’s MomSquad has one objective: find her an impressive date to her ex-husband’s wedding. The handsome horse veterinarian meets all their strict qualifications. But running into her still-smokin’ hot college flame (who doesn’t meet the aforementioned qualifications) forces Summer to decide if she’ll keep living by everyone else’s expectations, or finally stand up for who she really is.