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2019 Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2019 Adult #29: ANYONE BUT YOU (Contemporary Romance)


Pastry chef Aubrey Dennison can't hide her crush on #hotchef Liam Linley when they're thrust into a competition for restaurant space. She must focus on the prize, not Liam's stupidly handsome face. The last thing Liam needs is to catch feelings for his annoyingly adorable opponent, since he desperately needs to expand his restaurant. As they battle through challenges, neither can ignore the heat that blazes between them. But this competition has real-world stakes, and the only clear outcome is a broken heart.

PW2019 Adult #30: SANGUINE AND STYGIAN (Fantasy Romance)


After a band of mercenaries kills her family and attempts to kidnap her, curse-marked Kara joins up with a rival mercenary clan in hopes of exacting revenge, not expecting to fall for her deadly commander. But when Kara learns her brother is still alive and has been taken captive by her clan, she must choose between saving him and betraying the man she’s grown to love.

PW2019 Adult #31: HISTORY LESSONS (Contemporary Mystery Black #OwnVoices)

Professor Daphne Ouverture knew her job was killing her dating life—she never thought it could kill her, too. But when her colleague is found murdered, Daphne realizes she might be next. With the begrudging help of two local cops—including one intriguingly well-read detective—Daphne must race to solve the murder before the killer strikes again, even if it means confronting the one past she’s vowed never to study: her own. STEPHANIE PLUM meets INSECURE.

PW2019 Adult #32: PRAYERS FOR THE RED CITY (LGBTQ+ Science Fiction)

A haven for the wealthy but a nightmare for the poor, Ecthellion is a lumen-powered city of technological dreams. When a power-hungry billionaire reveals an invention that could tear the world apart, three unlikely allies — an anxious social worker, an exiled gangster, and a soldier determined to prove herself — must set aside their entangled histories to fight back.

PW2019 Adult #33: THE FAITHFUL DARK (Fantasy)

In a city where touch reveals holiness, soulless Csilla is worthless in the eyes of the Church that raised her. When a serial killer threatens their divine protection, she sees a chance to earn her place—and a miracle—by catching the murderer, even though it means helping a heretic. But when the conspiracy they uncover pits her against the faith she’s trying to save, her personal salvation may destroy everything she believes in.

PW2019 Adult #34: EACH ENDLESS FALL (Fantasy)

Ambitious and fiercely independent, Magdalena is fixed on becoming the strongest Wielder of her generation. When her arch-rival stoops to using forbidden death magic in pursuit of the same goal, Magdalena sets out to expose his wrongdoing. But first she must reconnect with an old friend whose prophetic dreams may help her avoid falling victim to the evil she's trying to destroy—if they can be interpreted in time.

PW2019 Adult #35: UGLY & DELICIOUS THINGS (Queer contemporary romance)

As the first openly non-binary contestant on America's favorite cooking show, Chef’s Special, London wants to focus on food, but the competitor stationed in front of them is too damn distracting. Dahlia has unruly hair, disarming honesty, and a tendency to trip over her own feet. Their on-screen chemistry makes them fan favorites—and they give in to their attraction off camera. But as a finale only one can win draws nearer, Dahlia and London must prove their steamy fling can stand the heat outside the kitchen.

PW2019 Adult #36: THE HANGMEN (Literary Thriller)

On a secluded island ruled by a puritanical cult, where hangings of sinners are concealed as suicides, one cop struggles to free himself and his son from his family’s dark legacy as hangmen.
Only Killers and Thieves x The Gods of Howl Mountain

PW2019 Adult #37: SUBURBAN ANIMALS (Suspense – Queer #OwnVoices)

Sharp Objects meets The Secret History. Ava Montgomery is on the run, from her ex and a dark past eager to pull her back. But when her troubled teen becomes obsessed with an infamous murder in a forest that "eats children," Ava must confront her own role in the forest's violent history before her daughter becomes its next prey.

PW2019 Adult #38: BLOOD AND STARDUST (Science Fiction)

Alien medical mysteries? All in a day’s work if you’re a human xenophysician like Loke. But when her “species-unknown” girlfriend develops a mysterious ailment, can Loke find its cause—and cure—before it’s too late?