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2019 Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2019 YA #11: THE MANY WORLDS OF SOPHIE RUIZ (Contemporary Fantasy – Latinx #OwnVoices)

After her mother’s death, Sophie’s wish to escape into her imaginary world becomes reality with the help of an enchanted quill. One problem: Her sister has fallen in with her. Stuck, Sophie must grapple with more than a bruja-cursed prince to get them home. She’ll need to navigate a story that’s no longer the one she wrote. THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER + INKHEART.

PW2019 YA #12: IF TOMORROW DOESN’T COME (#OwnVoices LGBT Speculative Fiction – content warning: suicidal ideation)

On the morning Avery plans to end her life, she learns an asteroid will end the world in a matter of days. She fights her way home from college to help her family and the girl she loves, but while they chase their final tomorrows, can Avery embrace her own? WE ARE OKAY meets WILDER GIRLS.

PW2019 YA #13: WHAT DEATH CAN TOUCH (Contemporary with Speculative Elements)

Sixteen-year-old Dulcie foresees death at first touch. After glimpsing her classmate Anselm's drowning, she reluctantly befriends him, as he’s the one person who doesn’t think she’s “cursed.” Dulcie then discovers Anselm’s also the only one whose fate she sees repeatedly. Together, they test whether they can change her visions. If not, Dulcie will have to tell Anselm the truth she’s been hiding: he dies much sooner than he thinks.

PW2019 YA #14: THE IRONWOOD GIRLS (Contemporary Fantasy / Southern Gothic)

WINTER’S BONE x PRACTICAL MAGIC. Secrets don’t stay buried long in Rue Perkins’ tiny Ozarks town. When the local golden boy shows up after being presumed dead, Rue suspects he’s hiding a dark crime. But to discover the truth, Rue risks revealing her family’s biggest secret: that the Perkins women are witches, and her own twin sister may have made an unforgivable exchange for her magic.

PW2019 YA #15: BLUE DEVIL (Contemporary Romantic Comedy)

A mascot costume. A hot cheerleader who hates her. A lovelorn French dude with anxiety, for whom she’s romancing the cheerleader—from inside the mascot costume (tl;dr: $$$! Gotta dance!). Throw in a popular boyfriend who’s maybe lying, and nerdy Caro Riley is in over her head. It’s pure rom-com chèvre with a hint of Twelfth Night and a soupçon of Cyrano.

PW2019 YA #16: HOW TO BE A MAN (Contemporary #OwnVoices)

Max thinks fighting everyone is the only way to survive being trans in Indiana. But his view of masculinity is challenged when his new teacher, an Army vet, gives him the tools to push for a GSA at his conservative school.

PW2019 YA #17: BAD ANNIE (Horror)

RULES FOR VANISHING x WILDER GIRLS When bad girl Annie is sent to Camp Wesley, a remote mountain rehabilitation center for delinquent teens, surviving the Taser-wielding staff is priority one. But the surrounding woods are keeping dark secrets, and when Annie learns the camp’s past may be more troubled than its campers, she’ll have to decide whether it’s safer to stay at Wesley, or face what’s in the trees.

PW2019 YA #18: BEFORE WE WERE MONSTERS (Thriller / Horror)

Six days ago, Liddy became part of an experiment that turned humans into cannibals. But when she discovers that her father is the head scientist behind these twisted trials, Liddy has to battle the Lab—and her dad—with a rogue researcher and a bloodthirsty pack of kids and pets. In the end, Liddy must decide whether she wants to return to a “normal” life or stay a cannibal forever.

Wilder Girls meets Stranger Things

PW2019 YA #19: BITTERSWEET IN THE HOLLOW (Contemporary Fantasy)

A dash of magic, a pinch of murder, a splash of moonshine. In a secluded Appalachian town built on buried secrets, the James women have unusual talents. But Linden’s gift is a curse. When sightings of a folktale monster lead to a body, she must find the killer before she’s next. A deliciously dark Southern-fried Practical Magic meets Riverdale.

PW2019 YA #20: FUNERALS ARE FOR THE LIVING (Horror, #OwnVoices)

After her younger sister's death, teen Junie Daniel's life is in danger as she's stalked by a cult-like church, with ancestral ties to a sorcerous slave master, who want to possess Junie's body for very dark reasons.