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2020 Middle Grade Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.


Eleven-year-old Anna loves stories. On the eve of the Ukrainian New Year, she asks her grandmother for the most important story of all: the truth about what really happened to her mother. But before her grandmother can tell it, the story gets stolen. To get it back, Anna and her twin brother must work their way through a plot hole into the world of stories, accompanied by none other than the legendary witch, Baba Yaga. If she can’t defeat the leader of a society that runs on the power of stolen tales, she risks losing her grandmother’s stories, the last connection to her mother, forever. THE GIRL WHO CIRCUMNAVIGATED FAIRYLAND with a Ukrainian twist.

PW2020 MG #12: BINYAMEEN AND THE SWIFTS (Contemporary Fantasy #OwnVoices)

THE WITCHES X LAST-LAST DAY OF SUMMER: When a local girl goes missing, 10-year-old Binyameen takes the case. The trouble is, no one but her brother remembers her. As more children go missing, Binyameen realizes that he must find the children and defeat a witch before he and his friends disappear too.



12-year-old Oliver is camera shy and has plenty to hide—not exactly YouTube material. But with Dad out of work and his house on the line, Oliver quietly starts a YouTube channel. Success comes quickly until an honest mistake betrays a friend and threatens to unravel all his secrets.


PERCY JACKSON x COCO: When Alan and Daniel accidentally open portals with a magical map they got in an El Salvadoran bodega, they each get sent to a different realm of Aztec mythology. Now, they must find their way back to each other to save their family and stop the God of the Dead from spreading the wrath and suffering of the Underworld until it consumes everything.

PW2020 MG #15: OSCAR AND THE GHOSTS OF PARIS (Paranormal fantasy)

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK + Midnight in Paris. For fans of EVERLOST.

Twelve-year-old Oscar longs for a loving family. Instead, the young necromancer has a distant father, an overburdened aunt, and an endless sea of ghosts. When his insufferable Uncle George dies, Oscar and his BFF, a young ghost named Juan, travel to Paris—the hottest spot in after-death tourism—to find out where George has hidden his fortune. Without it, the already-delicate ties holding Oscar and his family together may finally break. Humor, scares, and emotion.

PW2020 MG #16: YOUNGER DAZE (#OwnVoices Contemporary Fantasy)

Chase is the popular kid. Malik, not so much. When their dads enter an age-reversing machine and morph into tweens, they're forced to team up. To restore their fathers' adulthood, Chase and Malik must decipher a 200-year-old journal and uncover an age-altering element. They team with Desha, an eyebrow raising survivalist. But emotional upheaval from their dad tagalongs and betrayal from an unexpected foe thwarts their plans. To change their dads back before it's too late, Chase and Malik must discover they’re stronger together than they are apart. NEW KID x 17 Again.

PW2020 MG #17: MARZIPAN AND MAXIPADS (Contemporary)

In this middle grade MOXIE, best friends Helen and Gracie prank their way through 8th grade until a stinky stunt lands them in the VP's office—again. As punishment, they're forced to join the Community Action Club. When an early period catches Helen unprepared, the girls team up with their nemesis to lobby for maxipads in every bathroom, but they can’t conform to her Type-A ways and the school board isn’t listening anyway. Now they must use their disruptive voices (crocheted uteruses, anyone?) to shake up the system before the VP and their parents separate them for good.