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2020 Young Adult Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.


To escape her con-artist parents, their pet vulture, and a stack of unpaid bills, Clover makes a deal: she'll run one last scam, and her parents will sign her college financial aid form.

Deceiving teen misfits should be easy, but she doesn't expect to fall for one of her suckers. And she definitely doesn't count on his mom being a cop.


PW2020 YA #02: SOMEWHERE SOFT FOR US (#OwnVoices Contemporary)

Nothing means more to Ivy League first-year Meredith Kalumba than family: both her proud Ugandan parents and her online community, The Gourd, a confessions blog she runs for queer teens of color. Meredith isn’t ready to explain her safe space—or her asexuality—to her parents, but running The Gourd is work, and her grades are suffering. When her parents become suspicious about the blog, Meredith scrambles to find a balance before her two communities collide and she loses them both. LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE meets AMERICAN PANDA.

PW2020 YA #03: REVELLE! REVELLE! (Romantic Fantasy)

MOULIN ROUGE! meets magical GATSBY

On a mystical island off the coast of NYC, the Revelle family keeps food on the table by dazzling tourists with hypnotic drinks and acrobatic spectacles. When the booze runs dry, their young star must pull off her most dangerous feat yet: enchant a powerful bootlegger into believing they’re in love before his rival family destroys hers. After she mistakenly charms a dashing pauper—then falls for him—she’ll have to choose which to save: her family or her heart.

PW2020 YA #04: SAFE HEX (Contemporary)


Struggling scholarship student Charlotte is determined to graduate from her elite Catholic school and escape her troubled family life. When she’s assaulted by her privileged and well-connected boyfriend, she finds a new goal--revenge. Armed with a few spells--including a DIY groin hex--Charlotte’s life improves. But when her witchcraft works too well and she faces expulsion for her dark arts extracurriculars, she’ll have to choose: graduation or vengeance.

PW2020 YA #05: MONSTERS BY MIDNIGHT (Paranormal Rom-Com)


When Gabrielle accepts a summer job as a janitor, she never expects her new role to involve wrangling monsters on the Jersey Shore. Now all she has to do is solve a few murders, wipe her own record clean, and—uh—not fall in love with the emo gargoyle she's tasked to kill. Piece of (funnel) cake for a Jersey girl, right?

PW2020 YA #06: AFTERDEATH (Urban/Contemporary Fantasy)


Seventeen-year-old Muslim detective Jannat hears the dead—except the voice that matters most: her kidnapped mother, whose body was never found. To solve her mom’s case, Jannat travels to Barzakh—the after realm—where unbeknownst to her, an ancient evil awaits.

PW2020 YA #07: JEWEL OF THE CEDAR (#OwnVoices Historical Fantasy)

Sumeyya cannot mourn her recently martyred father. Not only did he surrender the magic jewel keeping their homeland veiled, but he also arranged her marriage to a Viking King.

To protect her people, she agrees to the far-away union and to traveling there under the protection of the king’s adopted son. Through the forest of wolves, the veldt of spies, and the Mediterranean’s shores, love blossoms between them.

But hate’s roots are spreading and if Sumeyya heeds her heart, then she must also learn to channel the jewel’s magic—before crusaders find those she’s meant to keep hidden.


PW2020 YA #08: TOGETHER WE ROT (Contemporary fantasy with horror elements)

There is something rotten at the core of Wil Greene’s remote, frigid Michigan town. Trying to solve her mother’s brutal and ritualistic murder leads her to Elwood: her ex best friend and son of the mysterious, cultish Clarke family. The two must team up to uncover Hartsgrove’s grisly secrets before Elwood becomes his family’s next sacrifice. HEREDITARY + THE DEVOURING GRAY

PW2020 YA #09: STITCHWITCH (Contemporary Fantasy)

As future matriarch of her Minnesotan threadwitch clan, Katerina follows every rule. But when she interrupts rival witch Dominic’s illegal wraith summoning, the creature binds to her. So they make a deal: he’ll hide the evidence if she helps find his missing brother. They just have to control the sassy, soul-devouring wraith without anyone discovering what they’ve done. 

SERPENT & DOVE meets Holly Black

PW2020 YA #10: BOTTLE BLONDE (Contemporary Rom-Com/Trans #OwnVoices)

Amelia Harris has a reputation for being dramatic, and she plans to live up to it by coming out as trans by auditioning for the role of Elle in her high school's production of Legally Blonde. Even if it means auditioning in front of her crush, Travis, who's a shoo-in for the role of her love interest.