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2020 Young Adult Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2020 YA #32: OF JADE AND DRAGONS (Silkpunk Fantasy)


When her father is murdered, Ying’s quest for justice drives her to uncover his past within the prestigious Engineers Guild. She enters the guild’s apprenticeship trial in disguise, with the help of an ambitious prince. But the secrets they hide can be as deadly as the weapons they build—and revenge could mean going against everything her father stood for.

Inspired by Harjol, the ordinary girl who became one of the most extraordinary concubines of the Qing dynasty.

PW2020 YA #33: UPSWELL (Contemporary Drama)

During a petty argument over a stolen wave, 17-year-old Jaydon impulsively throws a sucker punch, killing another surfer. He is sentenced to a youth rehabilitation program working with wild horses deep in the Australian bush, where he is forced to confront how his life has gone so wildly off-track. But as Jaydon lets go of his anger, his victim’s mother embraces hers and comes after Jaydon, jeopardizing his tenuous hopes for redemption. JASPER JONES x BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE.

PW2020 YA #34: FEATHER & CROWN (Fantasy Retelling)


Friede of Trennen must choose a husband from three princes--one loveless marriage will make her a queen. But when an enchanting swan-princess leads Friede to a lake of cursed girls hidden deep in Trennen’s wood, freeing them will test Friede’s resolve and her loyalty to her own kingdom.

PW2020 YA #35: BECOMING CINDERELLA (Contemporary Rom-Com)

Kasie West meets Notting Hill. Small-town teen Carter has one goal in life—and it’s not to eventually take over her mom’s dance studio. She wants her friend Jared to fall romantic-movie-level in love with her. After saving teen movie star Liam, in town filming a new version of Cinderella, from a mob of fans, she thinks she’s found her solution. If Liam will use his rom-com knowledge to set up scenarios for Jared to fall for her, she’ll teach him to dance like the pro he bluffed he was. Between clandestine dance rehearsals and flirting lessons, Carter starts feeling like a real-life Cinderella. Until she wonders if the happily ever after she’s working for is the one she truly wants.

PW2020 YA #36: LIES WE SING TO THE SEA (Fantasy – Sapphic #OwnVoices)

On the cursed island of Ithaca, each summer brings the hanging of twelve maidens—offerings to the vengeful sea god. When Leto is sacrificed, she awakens on the shore of a long-forgotten island, prison to the tragic and immortal Melantho. Together, they must break the curse and unravel its terrible history—before the sea reclaims them both.

In the vein of CIRCE, a sapphic reimagining of THE ODYSSEY that explores the fate of Penelope’s hanged maids, featuring murderous monster girls and a grieving prince destined to die.

PW2020 YA #37: BURY THE STARS (Fantasy – #OwnVoices LGBTQ+)

After seventeen years trapped in Alastair O’Leary’s occult shop, Abbott discovers he was raised for slaughter. O’Leary plans to resurrect Abbott’s mother by sacrificing Abbott. To make matters worse, he’s—apparently—Abbott’s father.

Abbott flees, aided by his newsboy crush Finnian. In search of a spell to save Abbott and his mother, the boys track down unconventional gods, from venomous gnomes to body-stealing demons. But as O’Leary closes in, Abbott must decide: turn himself in and grant his mother another chance, or give her up for his newfound life—and love. Queer PERCY JACKSON meets FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. 

PW2020 YA #38: NO COLDER STREAM OF STARS (Fantasy #OwnVoices)

A cat-and-mouse queerplatonic love story for fans of SERPENT & DOVE:

Prison-born Tory's kept his magic under wraps for seventeen years―but when he uses it to stop a carriage-accident-in-progress, he knows the military will hunt him down and lock him away again. Lt. Sena Vantaras despises having to hunt Tory, but the kill-switch his father embedded in his spine means he has no choice. It's hate at first sight―and their only hope of freedom lies in each other's hands.

PW2020 YA #39: THE BEASTS THEY FED (#OwnVoices Southern Gothic/Contemporary Fantasy)

SADIE x Southern Gothic MIDSOMMAR

Every thirteen years, the ultra-exclusive Lake Clearwater community opens its gates for the Cicada Festival—a decadent, no-rules celebration of the insects’ long-awaited arrival. All Neera Singh wants is to prove herself as a musician and save her family’s motel from going under. Her only option is to enter the festival’s open mic competition, and she’ll do anything to win the recording contract prize—even make a deal with the devil. 

But the people of Lake Clearwater didn’t earn their riches by chance, and every thirteen years, the beast responsible must be fed.

PW2020 YA #40: A WICKED THOUGHT (Modern Gothic Thriller)


When Morgan is forced from Atlanta to the Romanian wilderness to work for her dad’s hunting firm, she has one goal in mind: his co-signature on a loan for art school. But in the fabled Transylvanian Highlands, Morgan meets a different kind of hunter—a young woman with an irresistible lure: access to her band’s utopian underworld where music and art magically intertwine. The price? Morgan’s soul.

PW2020 YA #41: STARS ARE FIRE (Contemporary)

For fans of Robin Talley and Becky Abertalli.

When seventeen-year-old soccer star, Riley MacKenzie, is injured for the summer, she discovers a whole new world at theatre camp. Worried her adventures in Shakespeare and show tunes will tank her reputation, Riley hides it from her teammates. As her lies unravel, Riley must learn the meaning of to thine own self be true or risk losing new friendships and a chance at romance with the camp's leading actress, Claire, along the way.