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Pitch Wars Showcase

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2021 MG #14: GEORGE THE MEATBALL WILL NOT BE EATEN (Contemporary Fantasy)

REX DEXTER meets Gary Schmidt. George the meatball thinks he can escape digestion by fleeing the kitchen table, but in a world of pets, vacuums, rodents, corvidae, and existential crises, there are lots of things that can eat a meatball...

PW2021 MG #15: POPCORN AND PROMISES (Contemporary)

Ari can’t wait to finish seventh grade and get to Jewish summer camp—the one place where she doesn’t feel different. But when her BFF crashes her camp—and upstages her—Ari must overcome jealousy or risk losing her friend and the chance to find her voice.

PW2021 Adult #01: LOVE, CAMERA, ACTION (Romantic Comedy)

Scrappy director Cali Daniels has landed her big break on one of TV’s most anticipated series. But the surly yet sexy Director of Photography, who’s also gunning for the job, has somehow burrowed into her heart. Oh, and, minor detail: the show’s archaic producer still thinks a woman’s place is fetching coffee.

PW2021 Adult #02: HALF-HUMAN HEART (Science Fiction – Space Opera #OwnVoices)

Rhyn, a soldier desperate to prove she belongs to her family's legacy despite her chronic illness, must transport the galaxy’s most powerful superweapon to Earth. When mercenaries attack, she discovers the weapon is a woman—Zara, who only became a cyborg for cash. Together, they need to race across the stars, outrunning bounty hunters, the AI consuming Zara’s consciousness, and their growing attraction to one another.

PW2021 Adult #03: WHEN THE LOTUS PETALS FALL (Fantasy (#OwnVoices) – Adventure)

DAEVABAD meets (Adult) WE HUNT THE FLAME in this feminist Ramayana retelling.

When her hometown’s tea harvest inexplicably rots, Maya, daughter of rebel leaders, ventures to the capital for answers. Amidst attempted regicide and the mysterious massacre of her village, she joins the endearing crown prince on a quest for answers and uncovers waking gods, unexpected love, and dark family secrets that could unleash divine wrath upon their kingdom.

PW2021 Adult #04: WITCH ON FIRE (Fantasy – Cottagecore)

Fire witch Deirdre only knows how to run—from the magic she broke by avenging her coven, and from the corrupt witch who’s hunted her since. When she returns to her homeland—a fae-protected forest—she faces an ultimatum: heal her powers or resume her perilous exile. But time is short. Her pursuer approaches, endangering her newfound coven. Deirdre must fix her magic if she’s to stand and fight.

PW2021 Adult #05: RUNE TITHE (#LGBT Romantic Fantasy)


Briar can rock a frock and cast spells from his skin, but unless he breaks the curse draining his magic, he’ll die before he can leave his mark on the enchanted fashion world. Desperate, he heeds a prophecy promising success if he wins the heart of a masked man in a village haunted by a sentient forest. But two men fit that description, and Briar’s certain he’s fallen for the wrong one.

PW2021 Adult #06: ALL HER WISHES (Fantasy – Fairytale Retelling / #OwnVoices – Neurodiversity)

Twenty-something Fairy Godmother Isabelle Fortier hates her job. Give her a sketchbook and shoes over a wand any day. Iz must prove she doesn't suck at Godmothering to keep the villain—her infuriatingly sexy ex—from turning her best friend into an evil queen. Sounds simple. But in this fairytale gone wrong, Happily Ever After is never what you think.

For fans of Marissa Meyer and Once Upon a Time.

PW2021 Adult #07: KILT TRIP (Contemporary Romance)

One glance at Logan in a kilt and travel consultant Addie knows how she’ll save his sightseeing company—hellooo, Outlander Tour—but he’d rather drown in the North Sea than support anything “inauthentic.” Searching for a compromise, their hearts tangle like a Celtic knot, but what's best for Logan's business may destroy their chance for a future.

PW2021 Adult #08: BAD REP (Mystery)

Shay McGrath may be lousy at small talk and drink too many fancy cocktails, but she’s good at her job as a reputation management consultant. She doesn’t just improve the public image of her clients, she also destroys the reputations of their competition.

When a new assignment leads to her beloved uncle’s murder, she uses her “opposition research” skills to investigate. But to get the final clue, she’ll have to do two things she swore she’d never do again: pull off an elaborate con, and enlist the help of the best conman she’s ever known — the father she hasn’t seen in twenty years.

PW2021 Adult #09: MASKS OF LIVING BONE (Superhero Thriller)

When a bone-splicing killer stalks the city of Diamond Heights, only a lightning-powered hero with a rage problem and a repressed city employee with a taste for violence can stop him—and the killer is in love with at least one of them. As the bodies pile up, they’ll have to choose: resist their taboo desires and protect their city, or become villains themselves?

PW2021 Adult #10: FUTURE ATTRACTIONS (Upmarket/Climate Fiction)

Climate change is bearing down on Helen’s home state of Florida. It’s becoming difficult to ignore despite her all-consuming job spearheading future attractions for Joyland, an amusement park mega-corporation. When Joyland becomes a villain for its part in a warming planet, Helen must figure out her own part in the company’s problems, and its solutions.

PW2021 Adult #11: HERE COMES THE BRIDE (Thriller)

One private island, four bridesmaids…and a bride hell-bent on revenge.

When Annabel and her friends receive the hen party invitation, they think it must be a joke. They spent their school years teasing Poppy – harmless joking around, of course – and haven’t seen her since their infamous prom night.

Poppy promises an all-expenses-paid holiday on a luxury island. Excluded from other people, it’s the perfect setting to let bygones be bygones. But as secrets are exposed and friendships tested, the women realize they’re trapped with nowhere to run.

And not everyone is going to make it out alive.


PW2021 Adult #12: THE WELLNESS RETREAT (Upmarket Thriller – #OwnVoices Filipino-American)

NINE PERFECT STRANGERS meets THE HERD. Haunted by the disappearance of a childhood friend, jaded Fil-Am Delia joins an exclusive women’s wellness community in the hopes of finding the other estranged friend who might have answers. But when Delia uncovers a darker agenda amongst the group’s leadership, she must choose between remaining complicit in a community she has longed for, or risk her life to uncover the secrets of her past.

PW2021 Adult #13: SPANNER (Science Fiction; Space Opera; Bi MC)

WINTER'S ORBIT meets The Expanse

Mage pilot Nikita has a problem: she's not a real mage, and her magic-generating augmentations are killing her. So when her ex appears with a dangerous job in exchange for a cure, she can't refuse. All she needs to do is hoodwink a legendary captain, avoid falling for the ship's spy, and steal a human soul without losing her own. No pressure.