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PW2019 Adult #44: MISS MARTIN’S NATIONAL PASTRY COMPETITION (Contemporary Romance #OwnVoices Transgender)
Andy Winder
Mentored by:
Mary Ann Marlowe
Book Title:
2019 Adult Entries
Contemporary Romance #OwnVoices Transgender
Word Count:


As the only transgender contestant on his favorite televised baking competition, Blaise Thompson wants his baking to stand out while he keeps his gender identity private. But when Blaise falls for fellow competitor Erik, he must risk vulnerability, or he may lose more than the contest. The Great British Bake-Off meets Play It Again.



In a small town just outside of Seattle on a morning just before Christmas, Blaise trekked out to the mailbox wearing nothing but a t-shirt, flannel pajama pants, and a bathrobe too flimsy to keep him warm. All were somewhat too big on him. He had what he considered an unfortunately slim frame, which he blamed his mother for.

And his genetics.

He blamed a lot of things on his genetics. But in his position, he bet a lot of people would.

Speaking of his shoulders, he rubbed them as he shivered, exhaling in response to the chill air. His breath curled out around him like tendrils of smoke. No white Christmas this year–worse. It had snowed just enough for ice and grey slush to freeze the ground. And Blaise’s bare toes, too. It was an inhospitable place for bare feet.

Shoes. That’s what he’d forgotten: his winter boots. In his rush to check the mailbox, as had been his ritual for the past few weeks, he’d hurried outside without his shoes on. He cursed himself as he tried to avoid the slush puddles. What kind of person forgot their shoes in the middle of December?

By the time he reached the mailbox and opened the slot, he half-jokingly wondered if he’d get frostbite for nothing. And then he half-seriously worried about the possibility. His feet certainly felt blue, though he dared not check them. But immediately, he became distracted by the mailbox contents.

10 responses to “PW2019 Adult #44: MISS MARTIN’S NATIONAL PASTRY COMPETITION (Contemporary Romance #OwnVoices Transgender)”

  1. Saba Sulaiman says:

    Hi Andy,
    I like this opening, I really like your pitch, and I’d love to read more! Please send a query, synopsis, and the first 25 pages (Word documents will suffice) to ssulaiman@talcottnotch.net — and don’t forget to mention #PitchWars in your subject line. Thanks—looking forward to my read!
    Good luck,

  2. Tara Gilbert says:

    I LOVE GBBO! I also totally ship like half the contestants. I’d love to see more of this.

    Please use the link below to submit the full along with a synopsis and query letter.

    Thank you for considering me! If more than one Corvisiero agent shows interest, please choose one agent to submit to and let them know who else liked the pitch, so that we can share it with each other.


  3. Kim Lionetti says:

    Hi Andy — This sounds great! I’d love to take a look at the synopsis and full manuscript. Please upload them both here: QueryMe.online/KimLionetti/PitchWars.
    I’m looking forward to reading! – Kim

  4. Naomi Davis says:

    I absolutely love all-things-food, and all-things-cooking-shows. This one really grabbed my attention! I’d love to see this. ndavis@bookendsliterary.com – Please attach the full manuscript and synopsis along with your query, and include #PitchWars in the subject line.

  5. Jana Hanson says:

    Hi, Andy —

    I would love to read more of MISS MARTIN’S NATIONAL PASTRY COMPETITION. Please send the first 5 chapters to me at your earliest convenience (jhanson@metamorphosisliteraryagency.com)

    Thank you so much, and I wish you the best of luck in Pitch Wars!

    Jana Hanson

  6. Kerstin Wolf says:

    This excerpt was like a warm hug. I was immediately immersed in the story. I would love to see the full manuscript! If you think we might make a good match, please submit your full manuscript using this link: QueryMe.online/kerstinwolf/Pitch_Wars

  7. Hi Andy,
    I’d love to read the full manuscript. Please send the manuscript to QueryMe.online/Stacey_PITCHWARS/PitchWars2020. Please add #Pitchwars when copying your pitch into the form.
    Looking forward to reading!
    All the best,
    Stacey Donaghy

  8. Laura Bradford says:

    The hook is so charming! I love everything about it! Please let there be lots of delicious descriptions of baked delights + a yummy romance.

    Please email me the full ms + synopsis and make a note in the subject line that this is a Pitch Wars entry. laura at bradfordlit dot com. Can’t wait to see more!

    Laura Bradford
    Bradford Literary Agency

  9. Tamara Kawar says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’d love to read this! Could you please send the full manuscript as a Word doc to tkawar[at]icmpartners[dot]com? Please make sure to include “PW2019” in your subject line.

    Thank you!


  10. Jessica Watterson says:

    I would love to see the full of this with synopsis and query pls! send to queryme/online/jessicawatterson/pitchwars. I hope you will send to me! 🙂