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PW2019 Adult #40: THE WEDDING RINGER (Women’s Fiction)
Kerry Reardon
Mentored by:
Susan Bishop Crispell
Book Title:
2019 Adult Entries
Women’s Fiction
Word Count:


When Willa’s offered a job as a professional bridesmaid, she seizes the chance to save up and leave the memories of her cheating fiancé and best friend in the rearview. Developing a friendship with the bride—and a flirtation with the hotshot best man—is not part of her exit strategy. Now she must decide if some people just might be worth sticking around for.



I never envisioned myself as a twenty-nine-year-old children’s birthday-party performer, but here I am. Princess effing Sparkleheart. The effing is silent. Squeezing myself into a Goodwill-clearance-bin ball gown that itches severely, I look like a walking bottle of Pepto Bismol.

Once upon a time, I was someone else. Everybody was. Before my idol Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the Supreme Court’s resident badass, for example, she was just a girl from Brooklyn with big dreams and a bowl cut. Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she was a B-list actress who got her start as a briefcase girl on Let’s Make a Deal. But unlike Ruth and Meghan, whose glow-ups transformed them from ordinary people into aspirational figures, my transformation went in the opposite direction.

Weekends as Willa Callister—blogger, adventurous social media “it girl”, and fiancée to Max—are a thing of the past.

Today’s gig is Chloe Wellington’s sixth birthday party, the social event of the summer for Columbus’s under-ten set. It literally says so on the invitation, a thick piece of white stationery covered in pressed rose petals that each guest had to display before entering. Chloe’s backyard garden party, complete with rows of sparkling fairy lights and a shitload of mason jar centerpieces, is a Pinterest board come to life.

Chloe herself, a wiry, gap-toothed kid sporting a fuchsia dress and a tiara I suspect might have actual diamonds in it, is a total asshole.

16 responses to “PW2019 Adult #40: THE WEDDING RINGER (Women’s Fiction)”

  1. Tara Gelsomino says:

    Love the voice and the humor here! Would love to see query, full synopsis and first three chapters if you’d like to send. Please email tara@onetrackliterary.com with word doc attachments and reference pitch wars in the subject line.

  2. Kim Lionetti says:

    Hi Kerry: This sounds so fun. I’d love to take a look at the synopsis and full manuscript. Please upload them here: QueryMe.online/KimLionetti/PitchWars. Can’t wait to read! – Kim

  3. Sabrina Taitz says:

    Would love to read more. Please send your query letter + full manuscript in PDF format to staitz@wmeagency.com – thank you! – Sabrina Taitz @ WME

  4. Melissa Edwards says:

    Hi Kerry,

    I’m intrigued! I’d love to see the full manuscript as a .doc. My email address is medwards @ stonesong dot com. Looking forward!
    All best,

  5. I’d love to see more. Please email the full manuscript with the query letter, proposal/synopsis, and an author bio to EWRquery@mcintoshandotis.com. Please attach all materials as Word documents, and include in your subject line: “PITCH WARS REQUEST – (Title of Project)”.

  6. Ann Leslie Tuttle says:

    Dear Ms. Reardon,

    You’ve got an engaging opening, and I’d welcome the chance to read further. Please do send a complete to atuttle@dystel.com. I will hope to hear from you and wish you success with Pitch Wars.


    Ann Leslie Tuttle

  7. Jess Dallow says:

    Hi Kerry,

    I love this excerpt and would love to see more! Please send the full manuscript and query letter to me at jess@browerliterary.com with PITCH WARS + title in the subject line. Can’t wait to take a look!


  8. Claire Friedman says:

    Hi Kerry! Wow, what a firecracker of a concept — and so cinematic! I’d love to take a look at this. Please do send through your query letter + first 50 pages to claire@inkwellmanagement.com — CF

  9. Jennifer Unter says:

    Great voice and concept – would love to read more! Please forward the opening 50 pages to jen.nadol (at) theunteragency (dot) com with PW Request in the subject line. Thanks!

  10. Penelope Burns says:

    Hi Kerry,

    I would love to see this! Can you send your query and full manuscript to penelope@gelfmanschneider.com with #PitchWars in the subject line? Thanks so much!

    All best,

  11. Hi Kerry. I love the voice here. It reminds me of Happy And Your Know it, but also of my college job! I’d love to read the full manuscript. Could you send it to me at QueryMe.online/1353/PW20192020
    Looking forward to the read,

  12. Dorian Maffei says:

    This has a great voice! I’d be thrilled to read more! 🙂 You may submit via my online submission form:


  13. Laura Bradford says:

    The protagonist calls a 6-year old an a-hole. Bwahahaha! She probably is. The voice here is so fun and I’d love to see more!

    Please email me the full ms + synopsis and make a note in the subject line that this is a Pitch Wars entry. laura at bradfordlit dot com. Can’t wait!

    Laura Bradford
    Bradford Literary Agency

  14. Maggie Cooper says:

    Hello, Kelly!

    RBG references, shade for mason jar centerpieces… Willa is my kind of gal, and I’d be very happy to see a full manuscript—you can email me at mcooper@aevitascreative.com.

    Very best,

  15. Jessica Watterson says:

    I would love to see the full of this with synopsis and query pls! send to queryme/online/jessicawatterson/pitchwars. I hope you will send to me! 🙂

  16. Katie Greenstreet says:

    Dear Kerry,

    I adore this pitch! And your excerpt had me laughing out loud at several points, which is very impressive for such a short piece of writing. I would LOVE to see the full manuscript when you plan to submit and very much hope you will consider sending that through to me .

    All the best,