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PW2019 YA #15: BLUE DEVIL (Contemporary Romantic Comedy)
Siana LaForest
Mentored by:
Nancy Werlin
Book Title:
2019 Entries
Contemporary romantic comedy
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A mascot costume. A hot cheerleader who hates her. A lovelorn French dude with anxiety, for whom she’s romancing the cheerleader—from inside the mascot costume (tl;dr: $$$! Gotta dance!). Throw in a popular boyfriend who’s maybe lying, and nerdy Caro Riley is in over her head. It’s pure rom-com chèvre with a hint of Twelfth Night and a soupçon of Cyrano.



“I will pay you one hundred dollars to play Diablo for me, Miss Caroline,” Matt Martineau said, in his thick French accent. “I am begging you.”

I stood in front of him in the Darver High dance studio, still panting from my mad dash down two corridors and three flights of stairs. I was expecting to find the room empty. I sure as hell wasn’t expecting this shaking mess of a guy, on the verge of a panic attack, wearing nothing but a jockstrap.

Matt sat on a wooden bench in the corner, squeezing the foam devil head on his lap until the eyes bulged. The rest of the mascot costume lay crumpled on the floor at his feet. “It is like magic,” he said. “Here am I about to flee. Then, voila! The woman with most excellent Diablo dance skills appears!”

Yeah, right. Me and my most excellent Diablo dance skills. Years of dreaming, hours of practicing, and I still wimped out of tryouts.

“I’m going to kill Sofia,” I said. “She showed you the video, didn’t she?”

“It is because she is your friend that she shows me,” Matt said. “Please, you have to help. If Diablo does not go up to the pep rally, there will be many troubles!”

The muted roar of air horns and cheers drifted in through the open door. Any minute now, Coach Hoskins would cue Diablo’s theme music.

8 responses to “PW2019 YA #15: BLUE DEVIL (Contemporary Romantic Comedy)”

  1. Natascha Morris says:

    OMG This looks adorable and so full of fun. I must read it! Siana, if you please, you can upload to QueryMe.online/natascha/PitchWars. Looking forward to reading this!

    Natascha Morris
    BookEnds Literary

  2. Tara Gonzalez says:

    Hi Siana,

    I would absolutely love to read this – will you send me your query and first 20 pages to tara@emliterary.com at your convenience, and mention Pitch Wars in the subject? There’s no timeline on my end, just whenever you feel ready!

    Thanks so much!

    Tara Gonzalez
    Associate Agent
    Erin Murphy Literary Agency

  3. Jennifer Unter says:

    Love your voice and pitch – I want to read more! Please forward the first 50 pages to jen.nadol(at)theunteragency(dot)com with PW Request in the subject line. Thanks!

  4. Bridget Smith says:

    I’d love to take a look! Please send the query (in the body) and the full manuscript (as an attachment) to querybridget@awfulagent.com, with “Pitch Wars” in the subject line. Can’t wait to read!

  5. Penelope Burns says:

    Hi Siana,

    I would love to see this! Can you send your query and full manuscript to penelope@gelfmanschneider.com with #PitchWars in the subject line? Thanks so much!

    All best,

  6. Hi Siana,

    BLUE DEVIL sounds so good! I’ve been looking for a rom-com big on the com, and if this excerpt is to be trusted, I do believe this will deliver. If you think we’d be a good fit (you can find more about me and my tastes here: https://www.jdlit.com/savannah-brooks and here: https://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/savannah-brooks/), head to http://queryme.online/1346 to submit more info and a 20-page sample. Be sure to put Pitch Wars 2020 in the referral section or as part of the title (ex: BLUE DEVIL: Pitch Wars 2020).

    I’m looking forward to reading more!


  7. Jordy Albert says:

    I would love to take a look! Please send a query along with your full manuscript as a Word attachment and #Pitchwars in the subject line to me at jordy@thebookeralbertagency.com. Thanks!

  8. This sounds so fun! I love the voice and would like to see more! Please send this pitch in the body of an email, synopsis and first fifty pages attached as a Word doc, with YA PITCHWARS and your title in the subject, to Jennifer@theseymouragency.com.