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PW2020 Adult #12: A VIEW OF THE STARS (Sci-fi)
Kayleigh Carpenter
Mentored by:
K. A. Black
Book Title:
A View of the Stars
2020 Adult Entries
Word Count:


Kerrigan is searching for her parents, but they may not be from Earth. That discovery sends her careening into space with a hunky bounty hunter going against his own kind. Racing to remove a lethal substance from her body wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was learning she’s the only one who can save a lost planet. THE LAST HUMAN x GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.



Chapter 1: I probably drank too much


Carrying a box of your dead grandmother’s belongings was never easy– especially when riding the Blue Line during rush hour. Kerrigan adjusted herself uncomfortably under the weight of the box, staring out the train’s window at the passing greystones and bungalow apartments that surrounded the track, trying to ignore her tingling legs. Visiting the nursing home had not been on her agenda for the day– let alone the month. She made it a point not to visit more than necessary, saving herself from the barrage of negativity Grandma Gertrude so enjoyed throwing at her. But that didn’t matter at this point.

Grandma Gertrude was dead.

Kerrigan’s relationship with Gertrude hadn’t been the best. She mentally checked out long ago, even before her grandmother’s doctor recommended admittance to the home. It came as no surprise that she was indifferent to her death. Besides, it was at least six years since Kerrigan lived with her. As soon as she had been financially able, she found a one-bedroom in Albany Park and moved out. It was for the best. Gertrude became less patient the older she got, and so did Kerrigan. Impatience was probably the only thing they had in common.

Kerrigan winced, brushing over her left forearm absently. Still sensitive. Cursing herself mentally for her clumsiness, she tenderly patted the bandage that concealed a cut from a few days prior.


2 responses to “PW2020 Adult #12: A VIEW OF THE STARS (Sci-fi)”

  1. Sam Morgan says:

    This sounds amazing and I’d love to read more! Can you please send me the full manuscript, as a word file, to sam at lottsagency dot com?

  2. Michelle Hauck says:

    Hunky space bounty hunter. I’m intrigued by that. Please use this link QueryManager.com/2011/PW2021 to send your full, along with query and synopsis. If another agent from Storm requests, please start with the agent who is the best fit. Thanks,

    Michelle Hauck