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PW2020 Adult #40: WILL DANCE FOR FOOD (Contemporary Romance)
Hope Ebel
Mentored by:
Heather Van Fleet and Jessica Calla
Book Title:
Will Dance for Food
2020 Adult Entries
Contemporary Romance
Word Count:
Manuscript Content Warning(s):
Mentions of drug abuse



Tessa, a free-spirited street dancer, dreams of Broadway but dances next to a cardboard donation sign instead. When newbie producer Max recruits her to revive his televised dance competition, she has a chance to rewrite her uncertain future.

There’s just one problem: Tessa can’t read.

When she enlists Max’s help in hiding her secret, their friendship ignites into something more. But relationships between contestants and crew are forbidden, so if they can’t suppress the growing flame between them, Tessa may end up the fleeting punchline to Max’s freshly cancelled TV show.



On the corner of Sunset Boulevard, behind a row of towering palm trees, was a grassy knoll where crowds hung out to soak in the sun and rest on marble benches shaped like broken seashells.

But I liked to say they gathered to watch me.

Tugging a long pink sock higher up my leg, I waited as a group of skateboarders cleared out from under what would be, in a few moments, my stage. Like always, the forgotten scaffold rested against a weathered building. The flat structure wasn’t quite centered for my liking, but a girl couldn’t expect everything from a crowded outdoor space in LA.

I leaned around a streetlamp to take in today’s potential audience — a cluster of moms with strollers, frenzied tourists, a circle of girls distracted by iPhones, and countless people who raced down the street like they were expected somewhere ten minutes ago.

I sucked in a breath as Uncle Frank’s voice echoed in my mind. The first glimpse is the most important, kid.

Briar, my shepherd mix, nudged me with the tip of his wet nose, pulling me from my thoughts. I smiled and scratched the top of his brown head. “Wait here, bud.”


10 responses to “PW2020 Adult #40: WILL DANCE FOR FOOD (Contemporary Romance)”

  1. Eva Scalzo says:

    Hi Hope,

    I’m such a sucker for dancing! I’d love to see the full manuscript for this. Please submit it to QueryManager.com/evascalzo/PitchWars2020.

    Speilburg Literary

  2. Mary C. Moore says:

    Would love to read more! Please use this link to send: QueryManager.com/Mary_C_Moore_KCA/PitchWars

  3. Ann Leslie Tuttle says:

    Dear Hope,
    Congratulations on being in the Showcase. I’m intrigued by your premise and would like to read further. If you’d like me to consider your work for representation, please do send the first 50 pages to me at atuttle@dystel.com. If more than one DG&B agent has responded, please choose who you’d like to submit to first and let that agent know who else at the agency requested, and we will work it out amongst ourselves. Good luck with your writing and the Showcase.
    Ann Leslie Tuttle

  4. Victoria Cappello says:

    Hello, this sounds wonderful. If you’d like me to consider, please send the full manuscript as a word doc to victoria@thebentagency.com and put ‘Pitch Wars’ in the subject. If another agent here at TBA also requests, that’s totally okay, we’d just be grateful if you would let us know if more than one of us has your work. Thank you!

  5. Please send me the synopsis and first three chapters as a Word document attached to an email: rosenberglitsubmit@icloud.com

  6. Gina Damasco says:

    I enjoyed your sample and pitch, and I’d like to read more. Please send your query, synopsis, and the first 100 pages (Attention Gina Damasco) through our portal: https://www.serendipitylit.com/component/rsform/form/11-submission-fiction. Thanks!

  7. Kaitlyn Johnson says:

    This sounds wonderful! If you find us a fit, please send your query, synopsis, and full manuscript to QueryManager.com/KaitlynJohnson/Contests

    Kaitlyn Johnson
    Belcastro Literary Agency

  8. Sharon Pelletier says:

    Hi Hope, I’d love to read more! Could you please send your query with 50 sample pages attached? spelletier@dystel.com (And if other DG&B agents have requested, just choose who you think is the best fit and let them know when you query who else was interested.)

    Sharon Pelletier
    Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

  9. Jill Marr says:

    I went to a school of creative and performing arts for dance. So this really speaks to me. Please send the first 50 pages in Word to jill@dijkstraagency.com, along with your query letter. It helps if you include “Pitch Wars” in the subject line.
    I look forward to reading more!

  10. Ashley Blake says:

    Hi Hope, I’m intrigued by this and would love to read more. If you’d like to query me, please include your query letter and upload your full manuscript to the link below. If you decide to query more than one agent at Rees, that’s totally fine, just let us know you did so in the query. Thanks and congrats on Pitch Wars and all your hard work!