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PW2020 YA #44: SOCIETY OF THE UNSEEN (Fantasy)
Melanie Schubert
Mentored by:
Aty S. Behsam
Book Title:
2020 Entries
Young Adult Fantasy
Word Count:


After enduring ongoing abuse from her mother and others, seventeen-year-old Mie loses control and transforms into a fire-breathing dragon. She’s sent to Lindorm—a secret society of shapeshifters beneath Loch Ness—where she must learn to wield her magic, or face execution. Unbeknownst to Mie, her new friend Edgar has orders to hand her over to his dark mage mother to steal her magic. Now Edgar must choose where his loyalties lie, as Mie faces the most terrifying monster: herself.



The moment I step on the bus for our field trip, I know something is off.

Cass and Beth have picked a seat in the back, beside the class queen, Sharissa.

“Sorry, Mie.” Sharissa smiles sweetly but it doesn’t reach her eyes. She flicks her glossy hair like she’s filming a shampoo ad. “Just the old gang this ride. You don’t mind?”

“Not at all.” I force a smile, my heart sinking down to my Docs.

Cass and Beth glance apologetically, but as I walk away, Sharissa whispers something and they erupt into fits of giggles. I slip into an empty row, laughing like I’m in on the joke. Like the first friends I’ve had in forever didn’t just totally ice me out.

The entire trip they make comments that the rest of the class ignore. “All that hair…” “Concealer might help…” I stare intently at the pages of my book, pretending to read, their every word stabbing my heart.

By the time we reach Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, I’m already over it. I’ve dealt with enough bullies and bitches to know how this works. The winter air digs its frozen teeth into my face as I storm off the bus ahead of the girls, heading straight to the ice-skating rink alone.

At least, I think I’m alone.

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