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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.
PW2021 Adult #09: MASKS OF LIVING BONE (Superhero Thriller)
Carly Vair
Mentored by:
Jackson Ford
Book Title:
Superhero Thriller
Word Count:


When a bone-splicing killer stalks the city of Diamond Heights, only a lightning-powered hero with a rage problem and a repressed city employee with a taste for violence can stop him—and the killer is in love with at least one of them. As the bodies pile up, they’ll have to choose: resist their taboo desires and protect their city, or become villains themselves?



The woman’s C4 vertebrae had healed a long time ago, but Jason could still feel it. That altered place in her bone beckoned him, calling his power to it, and he ran his tongue over the cracks of his teeth, focusing on the sensation to distract himself. Tucked beneath her plastic hood and her frizzy blonde hair, the old break remained like a landmine, waiting for his touch to set it off. He could feel it even when he lost sight of her on the crowded sidewalk, when a vehicle moved between them or he had to duck his head against the rain.

It always rained in Diamond Heights. As a child, it had felt oppressive to him, but now he saw how everything was designed to look good wet, how the quartz in the sidewalks and the cut glass in the buildings glittered and dazzled the unwary. He noticed how the myriad lights reflected in the puddles and made the shadows deeper, better for hiding. He enjoyed how easy it was to move through crowds, the way everyone was too busy keeping rain out of their eyes to even see him, let alone take note of his scars and tattoos.

The woman he was following had a long, loping stride. She had always reminded him of a hare, or some other animal a few angles away from being elegant.

3 responses to “PW2021 Adult #09: MASKS OF LIVING BONE (Superhero Thriller)”

  1. Bridget Smith says:

    I’m intrigued! I’d love to take a look. Please send me your query and the first 50 pages through QueryManager here: QueryManager.com/BridgetSmith/PitchWars2022. Thanks!

  2. Ernie Chiara says:

    Hi Carly,

    This sounds great! If you’d like to query me at QueryManager.com/ErnieChiara and include your first 20 pages with Pitch Wars in the referral box, I would love to check it out!

    Thanks so much, and best of luck!

    Ernie Chiara,
    Fuse Literary

  3. Amanda Rutter says:

    I would love you to submit your Pitch Wars entry to me, using my Query Manager form: QueryManager.com/Amanda_Rutter/PitchWars Please send through the query letter and the full manuscript. If more than one Azantian agent requests materials, please pick the one you feel would fit you best.