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PW2021 Adult #30: THE CONQUESSOR (Fantasy – #OwnVoices)
Roanne Lau
Mentored by:
Saara El-Arifi
Book Title:
Fantasy - #OwnVoices
Word Count:
Manuscript Content Warning(s):
Violence, abuse, mentions of self-harm, mentions of child abuse


SQUID GAME meets THE WITCHER in a South East Asian-inspired setting.

Debt-ridden and unemployed, a sentimental book thief and an ex-brawler with a heart of gold enroll in the conquessing arena to pay off their bills. But the monsters they battle are far from the worse things they encounter—and the arena’s manipulative match-master just might top the list.



Lythlet Tairel was ordinarily fond of lightning-bees, but on this rainy winter’s night, she wished they would silence their incessant buzzing.

She stood beneath a streetlight, shivering in the cold. A hive hovered overhead, the colony whirring as its thumb-sized citizens illuminated the street. Two were squabbling, their droning dissonance heightening her agitation.

The loanshark would come at dawn to collect on Desil’s debt, and they would not escape unscathed if Lythlet didn’t scrounge up enough coin by then. If past experience was anything to go by, they’d end the day with bruised ribs and threats painted over their walls.

A sly thought nudged her towards a downhill road: thievery would stitch together her purse strings.

But Lythlet hesitated. It had been many years since she turned to thievery, and it weighed heavily on both her conscience and her pride that she had to resort to it again.

She pulled her last copper out of her pocket, deferring the decision to fate.

“Tell me where my story leads tonight, Sunsmith and Moonmachinist.” Clapping her hands together thrice, she stared at the heavens. “Heads, I listen to my good conscience, return home, and wait for the loanshark’s punishment. Ship, I go thieving in the night and make what I can from the squalor of Setgad.”

With a flick of her thumb, she sent the coin soaring overhead and caught it in her palm.

The Fated Ship stared back at her.

12 responses to “PW2021 Adult #30: THE CONQUESSOR (Fantasy – #OwnVoices)”

  1. Amanda Rutter says:

    I would love you to submit your Pitch Wars entry to me, using my Query Manager form: QueryManager.com/Amanda_Rutter/PitchWars

    Please send through the query letter and the full manuscript.

    If more than one Azantian agent requests materials, please pick the one you feel would fit you best.

  2. Sarah Landis says:

    I’d love to read this one! Could you email the full to slandis@sll.com? Thanks! -Sarah Landis, Sterling Lord Literistic

  3. Tara Gilbert says:

    Hi Roanne!

    I love this pitch and I’m obsessed with anything comp’d to Squid Games. Your writing instantly drew me in and I’m eager to read more.

    Please use this link below to upload your full manuscript. This link will expire 3/20/22, so please be sure to upload before then.


    I look forward to reading it!


  4. Heather Cashman says:

    This sounds really intriguing! If you think we’d be a good fit, please query me at QueryManager.com/HeatherCashman/PitchWars2021. If another agent at Storm Literary has requested, please feel free to send to us both (for Pitch Wars requests only).

  5. Zabé Ellor says:

    Hello! What an interesting idea–I would love to see more! Please send the query (in the body of the email) synopsis (an attachment) and the first fifty pages (an attachment) to zrellor.books @ gmail.com (remove spaces.) Please include “PitchWars Request” in the subject line, and please only query one JDLA agent at a time!

  6. Roseanne Wells says:

    Hi Roanne,

    Great sample, the comps are on point, and the last line is terrific! I’d love to keep reading. Please submit your query letter, full manuscript, and synopsis to querymanager.com/roseannewells/pitchrequest, and I look forward to reading!



  7. Sarah N. Fisk says:

    I’d love to see more. Please submit the query, synopsis and first three chapters here: https://querymanager.com/query/sarahnfisk/PitchWars

    If multiple agents at Tobias request your materials, please submit to the one you think would be the best fit.

  8. Michaela Whatnall says:

    Ooh, I’m intrigued by the arena setting and the dynamic between these two characters! I would love the opportunity to consider this project. Please send a query and the first 50 pages as a Word document to me via Query Manager at this link: QueryManager.com/michaelawhatnall/PitchWars2021 If you have any trouble using the link, you’re welcome to email me instead at mwhatnall@dystel.com.

    If you’ve received a request from more than one Dystel, Goderich & Bourret agent, please only submit to the agent here that you feel would be the best fit, and let that agent know about any other requests you received from our agency. Thank you!

  9. Hannah Andrade says:

    Hi Roanne! I am head over heels for this concept! Can you please send the first 100 pages of this to me on my QueryManager (https://QueryManager.com/hannahandrade)? And don’t forget to put PitchWars in the subject line along with your project. I can’t wait to read it!

  10. Patrice Caldwell says:

    Hi, I would love to read more! please send the first 50 pages to query@newleafliterary.com with this in the subject: “Query, Patrice Caldwell, Pitch Wars” Thanks!

  11. Kelly Peterson says:

    Hi Roanne!

    I am loving your pitch, and your voice. You’re creating your world right off the bat and it’s amazing! I’d love to read your full manuscript, if you wouldn’t mind sending it to me. This link will lead you to my Query Manager, where you can upload your query, synopsis, and full manuscript: QueryManager.com/KellyPeterson/PitchWars

    Wishing you the best of luck, and hoping to see your manuscript! =)

    Warm Regards,
    Kelly Peterson
    Rees Literary Agency

  12. Chelsea Hensley says:

    Hi Roanne! This sounds great, I’d love to read more! If you’re interested, you can send the full manuscript, your query, and a complete synopsis to my Query Manager at this link: QueryManager.com/Chelseahensley/PitchWars2021