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PW2021 YA #32: A CURSE BETWEEN US (Contemporary Fantasy)
Bree Shea
Mentored by:
Kyrie McCauley and Jenny Perinovic
Book Title:
Young Adult
Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count:
Manuscript Content Warning(s):
On-page death, death of an animal, mentions of alcoholism and substance abuse, violence/murder



17-year-old Wren Guthrie takes every precaution to protect her best friend from her family's devastating curse. But when she manifests powers that freeze a man to death, Wren must untangle her family's past and control her magic to save her loved ones from threats both magical and mundane.



Today is the twenty-second of September and by tomorrow, Hansom Williams could be mine forever.

There is a promise in my family: if you kiss your love along a divide and bridge it, then they’re yours. Protection from a curse waiting quietly for us to forget, to slip up, so it can creep in and turn everything sour. And across the street is a boy with questions tucked in his cheek. I know what he’d ask me if given the chance, but I can’t cross that street and drag him into my arms like I’ve thought of for years—yet.

Breezing downstairs, I head for our sunny kitchen with purpose. My sister sits on our butcher block countertop with a book sideways in one hand. She’s got a crow’s nest of honey blonde hair piled on her head and a pencil hanging out of her mouth. Her blue-rimmed glasses have fallen all the way down her nose and her slippers kick the cabinet below her with a steady dum–dum–dum.

“Morning,” I mumble, even though it’s pushing noon.

She replies with a distracted hum.

An appliance chirrups, but Jedda ignores it. Her coffee’s in the microwave. It will stay there until she gets a caffeine headache. I pop the door and slide the cup beside her before selecting my own from a hook. It’s yellow with an acorn carved into the clay. Magic made by Aunt Olive decades before we were born.

My sister’s feet pause, then find their rhythm.

2 responses to “PW2021 YA #32: A CURSE BETWEEN US (Contemporary Fantasy)”

  1. Andrea Morrison says:

    Dear Bree,
    I love your writing style, and I’m always ready for sisters, friends, and magic! I’d love to read your manuscript if you’re interested in sending it to me. I’m at andreasubmissions (at) writershouse.com. (We just ask that creators only submit to one Writers House agent at a time.) Congrats on being at this point in the process, and thank you for the chance to read your pitch.
    Very best,
    Andrea Morrison

  2. Sarah Landis says:

    I’d love to read this! Could you email the full to slandis@sll.com? Thanks! -Sarah Landis, Sterling Lord Literistic