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PW2021 YA #12: THE CROWN BENEATH THE WAVES (Fantasy: Latinx #OwnVoices)
Alejandra Velutini
Mentored by:
Laurie Dennison
Book Title:
Young Adult
Fantasy: Latinx #OwnVoices
Word Count:
Manuscript Content Warning(s):
Violence, Death, Emotional Abuse, Racism, Sex (non-explicit)


Venezuelan ATLANTIS meets SERPENT & DOVE

Kaira wants nothing to do with her magic-wielding family’s political duties—including an arranged marriage to the enemy usurper king. When her escape attempt fails, King Ion promises to release her if she helps him heal the magical dome protecting their underwater land. But as they untangle the lies haunting both their families—and grow dangerously close—the price to save the world becomes painfully clear: the death of thousands and King Ion’s life … or hers.



The dome is alive.

On windless days, it hums like the sky waterfalls. On cloudless nights, it shimmers like the silver hair of the queen whose sacrifice gave it life.

The dome protects Arkanis from the ocean above. It serves the crown beneath the waves.

Without it, the world will drown.


The bluish sunlight filtering through the dome washes over the reeds that reach from the river like bony fingers. A lone dragonfly whirls through them, unaware of absurd rules and rebellions, untethered.


Hahubath, I pray to the Great Spirit, let me leave Father. Let my plan succeed.

Resolve heating my blood, I motion to the shaman warrior “guarding” me. “Can you help me practice a backflip?”

“Lady Kaira.” Holding a three-barbed spear, she surveys the mangrove forest and the palace glinting in the distance, the usurper king’s stronghold. A tremor rattles her frame. “Not today. We must return for your father’s announcement.”

My nostrils flare. I want nothing to do with that announcement. Today I turn seventeen and become a fully-grown spiritualist, which means it’s related to marriage. My marriage.

To whom? It doesn’t matter. A spiritualist marriage means being bound to a man like Father and children like Rin. The thought alone steals my breath.

I must escape. And this time, I can’t fail.

11 responses to “PW2021 YA #12: THE CROWN BENEATH THE WAVES (Fantasy: Latinx #OwnVoices)”

  1. Sarah N. Fisk says:

    I am a complete sucker for Atlantis comps. I would love to read more. Please submit the query, synopsis and first three chapters here: https://querymanager.com/query/sarahnfisk/PitchWars

    If multiple agents at Tobias request your materials, please submit to the one you think would be the best fit.

  2. Masha Gunic says:

    I would love to see this! Please send me your query and full manuscript to masha@azantianlitagency.com with “Pitch Wars” in the subject line. If any other agents from ALA request this as well, please send to one of us at a time at your choice.

  3. Hi, Alejandra. What a cool concept! Great hook too! I need to read more!!! Can you send me the full and a synopsis (2-4 pages)? Please use Times New Roman, size 12, black, double-spaced text, 1” margins all around, and ½” paragraph indents. Paste your pitch in the body of the email and attach the manuscript and synopsis as two separate Word documents (docx). Send to: lynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com and add “Pitch Wars Request” along with your title in the subject line. Thanks.
    If more than one agent from The Seymour Agency likes your entry, please send requested material to the agent you feel will be the best fit. #OneAgentAtATime
    Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Samantha Wekstein says:

    Hi Alejandra,

    I love your writing style! I’d like to read more. If you’re interested, can you please send your query and first 50 pages to QueryManager.com/SamanthaWekstein/PitchWars? Thank you!

    All the best,

    Samantha Wekstein

  5. Kelly Peterson says:

    Hi Alejandra!

    I loveeeeee your commercial voice, and the fact that this is based around spirituality has me jumping out of my seat. I adore this! I’d love to read your full manuscript, if you wouldn’t mind sending it to me. This link will lead you to my Query Manager, where you can upload your query, synopsis, and full manuscript: QueryManager.com/KellyPeterson/PitchWars

    Wishing you the best of luck, and hoping to see your manuscript! =)

    Warm Regards,

    Kelly Peterson
    Rees Literary Agency

  6. Alex Rice says:

    Would love to see this manuscript in my inbox! Please send over the full manuscript and a synopsis to me at alex.rice@caa.com, using the subject line of “Pitch Wars Query // TITLE.” If another agent at CAA also requests, please include their name in the query as well. Looking forward to reading! All my best, Alex Rice

  7. Eva Scalzo says:

    Hi Alejandra,

    This sounds intriguing. I’d love to see the full manuscript, if you are interested in sending it my way. You can submit the full here: QueryManager.com/evascalzo/PitchWars2022

    And if you want to know more about me, here’s a link to my website: http://www.evascalzo.com and my twitter handle is @evascalzo.

    Best of luck to you!

  8. Shannon Snow says:


    I really loved your pitch and would love to see more! If you would like to submit to me, please send the first three chapters, short bio and synopsis in Word format to shannon@cmalit.com. I look forward to hearing from you! Good luck in the Pitch Wars!

    Shannon Snow
    CMA, Inc. Literary Agent

  9. Kaitlyn Sanchez says:

    I’d be delighted to consider this. Please see submission guidelines here: https://www.contextlit.com/submissions under Kaitlyn Sanchez, and please put PITCH WARS REQUEST and your genre and title in the subject line of the email. Thanks for sharing your work!

  10. Dear Alejandra,

    I’ve reviewed your pitch for THE CROWN BENEATH THE WAVES and am intrigued by your excerpt. Please send your full manuscript in Word or PDF format to me at victoria@hgliterary.com and copy my reader at gabry@hgliterary.com. We look forward to reading your work.

    Thank you,
    Victoria Wells Arms

  11. Alexandra Weiss says:

    Hi Alejandra! You had me at Venezuelan Atlantis. I would love to request the full manuscript. If you’d like to send it my way, please upload it here: QueryManager.com/AlexandraWeiss/PitchWars2021​

    Alexandra Weiss (she/her)
    Azantian Literary Agency