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PW 2019 Adult Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2019 Adult #21: THE LAOS AND THEIR VOLCANO HOUSE (Contemporary Family Drama #OwnVoices)

Celeste Ng meets THIS IS US in Hawaii. The Lao family’s problems mirror their home’s design: an exploding volcano. Mom and Dad’s marriage is falling apart, and their teenage kids are struggling with adult issues on their own. When a health scare and a neighbor’s disappearance threaten to destroy what’s left of their bond, all their doors – and secrets – will be blown wide open.

PW2019 Adult #22: THE HONEST LIE (Romantic Suspense #OwnVoices LGBT)

Nobody knows that NYC publicist-in-training Levi is far more interesting than the celebrities he promotes. Not yet anyway. Not until his Hollywood star mother dramatically reveals his existence as the secret love child she had with a duke 24-years-ago. Overnight, the ordinary life Levi has carefully crafted is blown apart by preying paparazzi and a dangerous stalker. Levi only wants to escape his past and forge a new future with Noah, the hot TV producer. But in Levi's dysfunctional family, fame is thicker than blood, and his parents will go to any length to make sure that some secrets stay hidden forever.

PW2019 Adult #23: THE BROKEN HALF (Mystery / Thriller)

Family bonds are hard to break. That’s what unemployed corporate attorney Eva Torres learns as she attempts to reconnect with her estranged, money-laundering father and her defiant sister— who is wanted for the murder of a patron where she tends bar. Determined to clear her sister’s name, Eva meets Mike Walsh, a conflicted local restaurateur and her sister’s boss— who owes her mob-adjacent father a small fortune. As the two inch closer, lives are lost and Eva’s best intentions fall apart in this gritty, street-level thriller that’s RAY DONOVAN meets literary mystery UNDER THE HARROW.

PW2019 Adult #24: WORSHIP OF THE GODS (Fantasy #OwnVoices Native & #LGBTQ+)


Bound to the goddess Artemis by fate but devoted to her by choice, Alex must risk all she knows to protect them both from Artemis’s hell-raising aunt and deceitful father. While Artemis battles gods of pantheons the world over to maintain order, Alex’s future is thrown into jeopardy as she begins to manifest powers of her own, tied to her Cherokee heritage. Their love—if Artemis is willing to accept it—might be the key to saving the world, or the thing that causes it to burn.

PW2019 Adult #25: MAGICAL HAZMAT (Contemporary Fantasy)

Ghostbusters meets CSI. Who needs Slayers when you can combat the supernatural with STEM? Nadege “Dodge” Michaels dreams of revolutionizing the magical hazmat business with science. When her unsanctioned field work lands her in the crosshairs of a ruthless supernatural drug dealer, Dodge must use her forensic-style approach to bring the perp to justice, before she becomes his next victim.

PW2019 Adult #26: COMPANY WE KEEP (Thriller)

Tess's apartment complex is bugged with hidden cameras. She’d know; she installed them to spy on her ex. When her casual stalking catches a deer-masked intruder abducting her neighbor—who then turns up partially-preserved and completely dead—she must venture into the tunnels beneath Seattle, hunting a killer hell-bent on hunting her.

PW2019 Adult #27: NIGHTCRAWLING (Contemporary #OwnVoices #POC #LGBTQ)

SALVAGE THE BONES meets AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE, based on the 2015 Oakland Police Department rape scandal. Seventeen-year-old Kiara's world explodes when her name surfaces in a police officer's suicide note, exposing her as a key witness in a police rape case. Kiara must decide if she is willing to testify in the grand jury case that could leave her family vulnerable to police retaliation and endanger everyone she loves.

PW2019 Adult #28: THE FRIENDS (Upmarket Historical Fiction)

GENTLEMAN JACK meets FINGERSMITH. Livvy is expected to do her duty and marry well to save the family fortune. Pansy is expected to stay in her place and live the meager life of a servant. When Livvy gets engaged and Pansy gets caught dressing as a man, they must decide: are they willing to risk everything for their love?

PW2019 Adult #29: ANYONE BUT YOU (Contemporary Romance)


Pastry chef Aubrey Dennison can't hide her crush on #hotchef Liam Linley when they're thrust into a competition for restaurant space. She must focus on the prize, not Liam's stupidly handsome face. The last thing Liam needs is to catch feelings for his annoyingly adorable opponent, since he desperately needs to expand his restaurant. As they battle through challenges, neither can ignore the heat that blazes between them. But this competition has real-world stakes, and the only clear outcome is a broken heart.

PW2019 Adult #30: SANGUINE AND STYGIAN (Fantasy Romance)


After a band of mercenaries kills her family and attempts to kidnap her, curse-marked Kara joins up with a rival mercenary clan in hopes of exacting revenge, not expecting to fall for her deadly commander. But when Kara learns her brother is still alive and has been taken captive by her clan, she must choose between saving him and betraying the man she’s grown to love.