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PW 2019 Middle Grade Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2019 MG #01: THE SPIRIT OF THE SEA MYSTIC (Contemporary Fantasy)

Ren thinks her grandmother’s old seaside motel in Myrtle Beach has character. Still, it’s a shock when that character speaks to her through a crack in the wall. Ren’s counting on this summer to pull her family back together, but if she can’t heal the wounded spirit, the rundown motor lodge will be destroyed...along with her parents’ marriage. FRONT DESK meets RULES FOR GHOSTING.

PW2019 MG #02: THE SUPERNATURAL FILES OF CJ DELANEY (Mystery Adventure with Magical Elements)

#OwnVoices LOIS LANE meets BUFFY.  The pets of Galahad, Ohio are going missing, and eleven-year-old ace reporter CJ just has to get the big scoop before her archrival Bix Jr.  But hard-hitting news isn’t for softies: to save the pets and get her byline, CJ takes on a bloodthirsty goddess, a spellbound henchman, and a wily witch who isn’t what she seems.  Still, that’s easy peasy compared to getting her exclusive without tipping off Galahad’s police chief: her Dad.

PW2019 MG #03: VICKY NABATANZI AND THE RISE OF THREE (#OwnVoices Contemporary Fantasy)


Vicky returns to her birth country Uganda, looking forward to eating matooke and spending time with family friends. Instead, she finds a haunted tree, bickering ancestors, and a vague prophecy that implies she and her cousins will confront the god of death. Now they must decipher the prophecy and discover powers they never dreamed they had--and fast. The future of the world depends on it.

PW2019 MG #04: TOGETHER HOLDS THE SKY (Contemporary Fantasy)

12-year-old Peony is keeping a big secret from her best friends: her parents lost their jobs, and the house is next. When she’s given a magical book that could hold the key to her family’s happiness, she’ll need to read between its lines or risk losing not only her home, but her friendships, too.


THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE x ALL THE GREYS ON GREENE STREET. 12-year-old Will and his older brother are best friends until Dylan relapses into drug use and disappears for the zillionth time. When their parents say Dylan is dangerous, and that they finally have to cut him off, Will is determined. In order to prove his brother is the gentle soul he knows him to be, he must do what the cops couldn't: find Dylan.

PW2019 MG #06: DOWN THE RIVER (#OwnVoices LGBTQ Contemporary)

Best friends Aubrey and Joel have spent most of sixth grade planning to run away. It’s just a game, Aubrey figures—a distraction from Joel’s bullies and Aubrey’s gnawing feeling that Aubrey might not be the gender everyone assumes. But when Joel disappears for real, Aubrey treks after him on a journey that might push Aubrey to finally acknowledge what they've been scared of: they’re nonbinary.

PW2019 MG #07: MURPH MEETS A DEMON (Contemporary Fantasy – Urban Fantasy)

Twelve-year-old Audra “Murph” Murphy always thought she’d grow up to work in the family antique store, but then she learns about the other family business. For centuries, the Murphy Women have hunted demons, banishing them to a prison sealed by twelve magical stones. When a shoplifter steals one of the twelve, Murph must get it back before the missing stone ends up the hands of a demon determined to set the prisoners free. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER meets THE MORTIFICATION OF FOVEA MUNSON.

PW2019 MG #08: MIST AND THE WILD HUNT (#OwnVoices Historical Fantasy with Illustrations)

When 12yo nonbinary changeling Mist and their mortal friend Zarita accidentally capture pixies on film, they must "prove" the photos are fake or face the wrath of the Fairy Queen. Cottingley Fairies meets MG Cruel Prince.


No one’s foolish enough to volunteer for the ridiculously treacherous healer-fetching mission that could save the beloved, ailing Grand Commander. Enter Golnick the Agreeable: exuberant singer, extreme optimist, failed dragon-slayer. Namely, the perfect candidate to complete a fool’s errand. Pity about the sabotage, though. ADVENTURER’S GUIDE meets ELF.


PW2019 MG #10: SHAD HADID AND THE ALCHEMISTS OF ALEXANDRIA (Contemporary Fantasy #OwnVoices)

Twelve-year-old Shad enrolls in a school for alchemy, expecting to mix elixirs and craft charms. Instead, he arrives to find a mysterious group has seized control, banning alchemy from the curriculum. To save alchemy from being lost forever, he’ll need to fight back, even if it means teaming up with the one person he fears most―his school bully. The friendship and fantasy of Sal & Gabi, with an Arab twist.