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PW 2020 Adult Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2020 Adult #11: THE BAD MEN (Mystery/Police Procedural)

Prosecutor’s office detective HIRAM MCGINNY investigates the murder of Columbus, Ohio’s iconic preacher and community activist, HARVARD COLLEY. The lead suspect may be the detective Hiram trained—and after one reckless night, the same detective that helped destroy Hiram’s police career and marriage to defense attorney, CHARLES LEWIS-BEST. Hiram must hunt down the truth—who killed Reverend Colley?—before the killer sets sights on the person Hiram loves most: his daughter, THANH.

PW2020 Adult #12: A VIEW OF THE STARS (Sci-fi)

Kerrigan is searching for her parents, but they may not be from Earth. That discovery sends her careening into space with a hunky bounty hunter going against his own kind. Racing to remove a lethal substance from her body wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was learning she’s the only one who can save a lost planet. THE LAST HUMAN x GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


MINOR FEELINGS x ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY: After a decade as an advertising professional, you’d think I’d be an expert in knowing my own brand. But, how could I be when I’ve buried so much of my identity? My immigrant upbringing. My Asian ethnicity. My Filipinx culture. This memoir-in-essays is an honest, self-deprecating look at my brand as a woman of color in America. With long-lost relatives, bigoted boyfriends, and revelations in the motherland, I explore all the joys and complexities of my hyphenated life.

PW2020 Adult #14: HOME ONE (Science Fiction)

Earth is dying. So are we. With ecosystems collapsing at all levels, world leaders and researchers alike offer a radical solution—leave the planet behind. 

Dr. Lorsikka Vale knows not everyone can live among the stars, though. And nothing will stop her from rectifying the climate crisis, even if failure means losing more than her first home.

PW2020 Adult #15: ENTHEÓPHAGE (Science fiction)

Isobel desecrates the last pristine reef to create a treatment for her son's rare genetic disorder.
Luk's daughter contracts a bizarre new virus that leaves her screaming.
When the virus strikes children worldwide, CDC researcher Nadine uncovers the truth.

The children aren't sick. They're changing.

PW2020 Adult #16: TWEET HEART (Contemporary Rom Com, #OwnVoices – Sephardic Judaism)


Fueled by Lean Cuisines and Lexapro, shy guidance counselor Lucy moonlights as the anonymous voice behind a wildly popular Twitter account, keeping it a secret from her overbearing yet loving Mexican/Moroccan Sephardic family. But when her favorite follower – and secret crush - slides out of her DM's and into her IRL, Lucy's two worlds collide.

PW2020 Adult #17: HOT STREAK (Mystery)

Cynical tarot reader Katie wants more from life than selling tchotchkes at the mall, but stumbling on the murder scene of misfit work friend Marley is a bit too much. With help from her science-nerd brother and a shy, skeptical local cop, Katie uncovers a suburban underworld of two-bit mobsters and stolen cash—and a secret about Marley’s murder that puts Katie next in line.

PW2020 Adult #18: IN THE EVENT OF LOVE (Romantic Comedy – Bi #OwnVoices)

Determined to salvage her career after a scandal, LA event planner Morgan accepts a gig back in her rustic hometown—only to find that the lumberjane owner of the tree farm she’s there to save is the girl who broke her heart seven years ago. A steamy f/f Hallmark-style romcom.

PW2020 Adult #19: BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED (Romantic Comedy – Steamy)


Strangling her brother’s BFF would ruin Christmas, but playing the villain to Nic’s Hollywood superhero comes easily to graphic artist Jessie, after he insulted her art years before. When a pair of mistletoe panties and a snarky comment become an enemies-with-benefits arrangement, Jessie catches feelings. With her family stuck in between, she must choose—play the bad guy and get left out in the cold, or let Nic break her heart.

PW2020 Adult #20: GALATEA’S PARADOX (Science Fiction – Space Opera)

SIX WAKES x ORPHAN BLACK  Rather than face the specter of his divorce, a detective takes an impossible case: find a stolen reality-breaking stardrive. Deep in unregulated space, he’ll need the help of a flamboyant privateer and the ghost haunting her ship to solve the mystery— before a technofascist uses the drive to wage galactic war.