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PW 2021 Young Adult Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2021 YA #41: THE WIRE EATERS (Queer Horror)


18-year-old Willow has a knack for wire, just like the father that abandoned her. After returning to Scotland to find him, Willow begins to unearth sculptures– wire figures she doesn't remember making. Suspecting they relate to local legend, Willow fears her father has become trapped within an extinct forest. As her sculptures assume monstrous lives of their own, the forest threatens the search for her father, her budding romance, and Willow’s reality itself.

PW2021 YA #42: NO BIGGER STAGE (Contemporary)

Myles Bennett hopes his punk band will be his ticket out of an abusive home, but a viral video of him and Mal, the band's lead singer, puts a spotlight on his deepest insecurities and breeds jealousy among the band. When the buzz lands them a spot at a major music festival, it should make all of Myles's dreams come true, but the stage may prove too big for him to save everything—and everyone—he loves.

PW2021 YA #43: MY TOUR OF GREAT AMERICAN TRAGEDIES (Contemporary, Bi MC, Neurodivergence)

Elle will survive this summer teen tour the same way that she's survived most of high school. She’ll ignore everyone, build a photography portfolio for college, and hide her generalized anxiety disorder, including her obsession with Worst Possible Outcomes: icebreakers, bed bugs, myopic bus driver, lost meds, Mary Todd Lincoln’s ghost, anxiety attack on the National Mall.

What she doesn’t predict is making friends, or falling for the cute girl across the bus aisle. When her new friendships and artistic goals collide, Elle must choose between staying behind the camera or leaning into the vulnerability that comes with true friendship.


Aisha didn’t know why her childhood crush, Brian, asked her to homecoming—they haven’t spoken in years. Still, she puts on the dress, abandoning her plans to focus on her Stanford application for one night, and sets out for the dance. But when Brian stands her up, Aisha decides she’s done playing it safe—jumping into the first car she sees. After Aisha confides in the car’s driver, Quentin, they strike a deal. If Aisha helps Quentin pass math, he’ll help Aisha complete her wishlist of things that’ll make senior year soar—and maybe even get to the bottom of why she was stand-upable. Between adventures with Quentin, pursuing Brian, and applying to Stanford, Aisha feels unstoppable. That is, until she realizes that her wishlist might be full of all the wrong things…

PW2021 YA #45: ASHES TO ASHES (Young Adult Fantasy – LGBTQA+ Characters)

As a trans man Neri's been struggling to win his mother's approval, and failing the necromancer academy test and doing pet resurrections for scraps don’t help. So when the ghost of a murdered girl asks him to find her body, he jumps at the opportunity. But as Neri teams up with the ghost, and an alchemist detective, one tiny problem arises: the guy they’re up against might just be the greatest—and prettiest?—necromancer of all time, tempting Neri to join him; to have everything, or lose it all.

PW2021 YA #46: ALL WE HUNGER FOR (Romantic Fantasy)


Considering Elara’s truth-telling tarts and dream-inducing cakes make her the best baker in Anespérer, you’d think she’d have better taste in men. After her last relationship ruined her career, she eagerly accepts an offer from a mysterious—and handsome—patron to enter a competition to become the city’s new head chef. Winning should be a piece of cake. Until Elara learns the last winner—a girl from the slums like herself—was murdered. And she was also enticed by a mysterious—and handsome—patron.

PW2021 YA #47: I FEED HER TO THE BEAST AND THE BEAST IS ME (Contemporary Fantasy with Horror Elements – #BlackVoicesMatter)


For years, perfectionist Laure has danced on broken, bloody toes in service to one god: the ballet. But when her chance to take her rightful place among the company’s elite is suddenly uncertain, she calls upon the darkness–bathing in the blood of an eldritch god and seizing a power too wild for Palais Garnier’s gilded stage. 

The ballet has long made monsters out of girls, and this one–the hungriest of them all–may be its undoing.