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YA #23: KILL CALL (Thriller)
Jeff Wooten
Mentored by:
Jenna Lincoln
Book Title:
Kill Call
2018 Entries
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Jude Erickson isn’t a psychopath, no matter what his mother might think. But juggling senior year, varsity football, and prophetic nightmares isn’t easy. When he dreams of the brutal murder of private school cheerleader Hanna Smith, Jude knows he must save her. Things go wrong when Hanna catches Jude in her home and the killer escapes. Now, they must discover who wants Hanna dead. Because Jude’s vision was clear on one thing, a life for a life is the only way—and someone must die. RIVERDALE meets I HUNT KILLERS



On August ninth at one thirty-two in the morning, Hanna Smith is going to die.

Thirteen days. That’s all she has.

It’s all I have, too.

She stands less than a hundred yards from me, texting in front of Markle’s, a designer jeans store. Two bags stuffed with clothes hang from the crook of her left arm, a huge purse on her right.

She’s in workout clothes, and her long blonde hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She’s seventeen and goes to Miller’s Chapel. I go to Bedford with the rest of the public-school kids.

It’s Saturday afternoon and the mall is packed-out. People swarm around me as I sit on a bench in the middle of the promenade. Somewhere a baby is crying, has been for a while.

I feel the kid’s pain. This whole thing feels wrong, but Dad says it’s important, so here I am, trying to be cool. But I’m not cool. I’ve never been cool.

I lean back and take a second to really look at Hanna. She’s oblivious, hammering away at her phone with her thumbs.

In thirteen short days, Hanna Smith is going to die… but only if I don’t save her first.

4 responses to “YA #23: KILL CALL (Thriller)”

  1. Ginger Clark says:

    Hi, I would love to see this. Please send the full manuscript as an attachment (a PDF, RTF, or Word Document is fine) to my email address which is gc@cbltd.com . Please include “Pitchwars 2019 Request” in the subject line. Thank you very much.

  2. Heather Cashman says:

    I’m so hooked.
    If you think we’d be a good fit, please send the full to heather.stormliteraryagency@gmail.com with Pitch Wars Query, your name, and the title in the subject line.
    Thank you and good luck!
    Heather Cashman
    Storm Literary Agency

  3. Marlo Berliner says:

    I’m intrigued and I’d love to see more! Please submit your query and first 30 pages via my Query Manager: http://QueryMe.Online/marloberliner
    If more than one JDLA agent requests, simply submit to the agent you feel would be the best fit. Be sure to only submit to one JDLA agent at a time. If the first agent passes, you are welcome to try the next.

  4. Sandy Lu says:

    Hi Jeff, right away you’ve made me very curious about Jude. I want to see more! Please send the full manuscript with complete synopsis and author bio (all in one Word document) to sandy@lperkinsagency.com. Looking forward to reading!