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PW 2020 Middle Grade Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2020 MG #01: ANIKA PATEL AND THE BEASTLY BAKERY (#OwnVoices Urban Fantasy)

Diaspora Desi girl, Anika, is excited to finally practice magic while visiting Gujarat…Until she learns she’s the descendant of a malevolent demigod. Because of her evil cousin’s delectable and cursed desserts draining townspeople’s life energy, wicked Grandma will soon escape from magic prison. Now, Anika must battle deities, monsters, and powerful beings from Indian mythology to save her parent’s souls and prevent the world from falling into chaos.


PW2020 MG #02: WUNDER CEMETERY (Paranormal Fantasy – #OwnVoices Epistolary)

Estranged cousins Ophelia (11) and Caroline (9) are duty-bound to protect their family's haunted funeral home & cemetery. And now, the ghosts are in danger! An evil medium wants to consume all the souls, living & dead. To stop her, they must unravel the secrets hidden within their shared journal.

PW2020 MG #03: STOLEN BY THE FLOOD (Sci-Fi Mystery)


In a future California scorched by climate change, 13-year-old Lula’s floating village endures a deadly flash flood every year. When the shackle that keeps her houseboat tethered is stolen moments before the surge, Lula dives in to replace it—only to be swept away. She survives, barely. But the missing shackle means someone tried to kill her. To find the culprit, she teams up with her rival to unearth devastating secrets about her family and the world outside their canyon—secrets that could destroy her village forever. 

PW2020 MG #04: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE BELT BUCKLE (Contemporary Adventure)

Twelve-year-old Lucy is convinced Grandpa’s emerald belt buckle is evil—just like the ring in their favorite book, The Lord of the Rings. When the buckle came into her family’s life, it caused a terrible rift, and since Grandpa’s death, everyone keeps fighting over it. Determined to save her family, Lucy sneaks off on a 300-mile, volcano-bound quest to destroy the buckle.

PW2020 MG #05: TURTLES OF THE MOON (MG Eco-Mystery with STEM and Magical Elements, #OwnVoices)

Barana’s magical connection to sea turtles makes her life as the invisible middle child in her Honduran family almost bearable. Abby is a photography-obsessed American loner who can’t wait for the end of sixth grade. When poachers threaten Barana’s village after a devastating storm, she thinks she’s the only one who cares until fate brings Abby to Honduras. The girls reluctantly join forces to stop the thieves, which will either forge a lifelong friendship or cost them their lives. HOOT + THE WATER BEARS

PW2020 MG #06: SELAH’S GUIDE TO NORMAL (Verse #OwnVoices)

Selah has autism and sensory hypersensitivity, but she's always followed her “rules for being normal”: keep feelings inside, don’t be weird. When she hits a classmate who repeatedly invades her personal space, Selah must re-evaluate her rules and advocate for herself through poetry, or risk expulsion from the school she loves.

PW2020 MG #07: CHILDREN WHO COME AND GO (#OwnVoices Afrofantasy)

MATILDA X TRISTAN STRONG. Sick of being shunned as an evil ogbanje for her freakish memory, Adia Kelbara can’t wait to start her apprenticeship at the Academy of Shamans. When an actual ogbanje—a soul-possessing demon—threatens the empire, she must ally with snarky gods and new friends to fight it, even as her brilliant mind is the ogbanje’s next target.

PW2020 MG #08: INDIGO AND IDA (Upper MG Contemporary #OwnVoices)

Seventh-grade journalist Indigo vlogs hard-hitting stories about her school while running for student council president. Emulating her journalist idol Ida B. Wells, she exposes the school’s racist discipline practice, but her report turns many classmates against her—including her former BFFs. Now she must choose—rock the boat or rock the vote.


PW2020 MG #09: JUNK JUNCTION (Horror #OwnVoices)


Edi (12, non-binary) and their antique-dealer mom don't have much besides each other. When a vengeful ghost turns Mom into a mannequin, Edi races against time to defeat the ghost. They team up with a haunted doll and a young psychic who helps them find their confidence and supernatural abilities. If Edi fails, they’ll lose their mom and new friends, and unleash a murderous spirit upon an unsuspecting town.

PW2020 MG #10: HOPE’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING ANYTHING (#OwnVoices Contemporary Fantasy)

Hope has to practice self-defense moves in secret. They’re one more thing on the “Not Now” list—all the things Mom won’t talk about. Things like Dad, Grandma, and Hope’s nightmares. But when Mom goes missing after Hope inherits an ancient book, Hope must brave her now all too real nightmares, figure out the book’s secrets and perfect her moves. If not, she’ll lose Mom forever.