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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2020 and continuing through 2021.

PW2020 Adult #01: THESE FAMILIAR WALLS (Paranormal Horror – Contemporary)

GIRLS OF BRACKENHILL meets the film OCULUS in a dual-timeline paranormal horror.

As a lonely preteen, Amber ignores her family’s misgivings about the troubled new kid in the neighborhood and forges a turbulent friendship, brief but with lasting consequences.

Twenty-two years later, he resurfaces to kill Amber’s parents.

Amber moves into her childhood home with her husband and kids. All she wants is to put her strained past behind her, move on, and enjoy life. But Amber finds the familiar walls are haunted by more than bitter memories and lockdown anxiety. She loses track of her thoughts in dreamlike trances and her reflection won’t blink. A hateful voice whispers from nowhere and shadows gather with a will of their own. Maybe the stress is crumbling her sanity. Or maybe a spectral presence threatens her family.

PW2020 Adult #02: GIRL, FIRE, NIGHT (Literary Thriller)

WINTER COUNTS meets DROWNING IN FIRE in this heart-pounding narrative that explores gender identity through folklore. Girls, including Anna’s sister Grace, are going missing on the Tonnica Indian reservation, and Anna—silent and unseen as a maid at the tribe’s casino/resort—will do anything to get Grace back, even putting her faith in an old Tonnica tale that brings her close to death while revealing her two-spirited identity.

PW2020 Adult #03: THE AMETHYST CITY (Fantasy)

Airship captain Royce Darrow is suicidal following his wife’s death. Unwilling to give up on their captain, his crew kidnaps him for one last job: find missing adventurer Kit Harding, the man Royce walked out on years ago. The search takes them to the mythical Amethyst City, humanity’s lost birthplace. Trapped by an obsessed cult, Royce must find Kit and unlock the city’s secrets before his crew is sacrificed to a hungry god. UP meets FINAL FANTASY.

PW2020 Adult #04: YEAR OF THE TRICK (Science Fiction; Space Opera; LGBTQ)


Esek Nightfoot has little regard for the destruction and suffering she causes across the Treble star systems. But now a figure from her past, known only as Six, has uncovered evidence that implicates her family in a genocide. If Esek doesn’t smother that evidence, it will fracture the interplanetary balance of power, and—most importantly—put her fortunes at risk. Her fight to stop Six will take her all over the systems on a brutal hunt to the death.

PW2020 Adult #05: WITCHMARK RIDERS (Fantasy – #ownvoices)


Witch-prospector Deliverance Jones hates people almost as much as she loves whiskey, except for her girlfriend Marlene. Her lone-wolf routine is shattered when a rival witch asks Deliverance to help steal a magical lodestone from a fanatical preacher hell-bent on using it to kill witches. When the preacher discovers they’re after him, Deliverance must decide if taking back the lodestone is worth risking her life—and her partner.

PW2020 Adult #06: THE JASAD HEIR (Fantasy – #OwnVoices)


Fugitive queen Sylvia has been presumed dead since Nizahl’s armies burned her kingdom to the ground. When the cold, calculating Nizhal heir discovers Sylvia’s outlawed magic, they strike a traitor’s bargain: she’ll compete as his champion in the kingdoms’ dangerous tournament, and in exchange, Sylvia will help him draw out the magic users he’s hunting—Jasadis, her own people. As rising political tensions threaten a new war, Sylvia is soon embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse where discovery means death.

PW2020 Adult #07: SEA OF BONES AND FIRE (Historical Adventure Fiction)

In 1698, infamous pirate queen Evangeline will do anything for vengeance against Admiral Lovell of the Royal Navy after he slaughtered her beloved uncle years ago. But when Lovell builds a special ship to eliminate pirates, Evangeline must destroy it or become his next victim. BLACK SAILS meets GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

PW2020 Adult #08: ON GOOD AUTHORITY (Victorian Gothic/Romantic Suspense)


In the workhouse, games of dominance and submission give young Marian and Valentine the comforting illusion of control. But when they are hired as a maid and footman to a master who turns their game violently against them, they must draw the line between servitude and surrender—confronting their repressed desires along the way.

PW2020 Adult #09: JUNE DALEY VS THE UNDEAD (Contemporary Fantasy)

When June Daley lost her magic (fair punishment, she erased an entire village from existence), she was supposed to lose her life along with it. Five years later, both the living and undead are after her. Armed only with her trusty not-exactly-a-wolf, her enchanted purse, a Sean Astin-obsessed troll, and a whole lot of snark, she’ll have to work miracles to save the world...as one does.

PW2020 Adult #10: THE ART OF SCANDAL (#OwnVoices Contemporary Romance)

SHONDALAND reboots THE GOOD WIFE. Rachel Abbott’s marriage to her politician husband implodes when he sends her a text message meant for his mistress. With no job, a dwindling bank account, and an airtight prenup, she’s forced to accept his million-dollar offer to play the dutiful wife until after his election. But a passionate night with the son of his biggest campaign donor could cost her everything. Including her heart.

PW2020 Adult #11: THE BAD MEN (Mystery/Police Procedural)

Prosecutor’s office detective HIRAM MCGINNY investigates the murder of Columbus, Ohio’s iconic preacher and community activist, HARVARD COLLEY. The lead suspect may be the detective Hiram trained—and after one reckless night, the same detective that helped destroy Hiram’s police career and marriage to defense attorney, CHARLES LEWIS-BEST. Hiram must hunt down the truth—who killed Reverend Colley?—before the killer sets sights on the person Hiram loves most: his daughter, THANH.

PW2020 Adult #12: A VIEW OF THE STARS (Sci-fi)

Kerrigan is searching for her parents, but they may not be from Earth. That discovery sends her careening into space with a hunky bounty hunter going against his own kind. Racing to remove a lethal substance from her body wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was learning she’s the only one who can save a lost planet. THE LAST HUMAN x GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


MINOR FEELINGS x ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY: After a decade as an advertising professional, you’d think I’d be an expert in knowing my own brand. But, how could I be when I’ve buried so much of my identity? My immigrant upbringing. My Asian ethnicity. My Filipinx culture. This memoir-in-essays is an honest, self-deprecating look at my brand as a woman of color in America. With long-lost relatives, bigoted boyfriends, and revelations in the motherland, I explore all the joys and complexities of my hyphenated life.

PW2020 Adult #14: HOME ONE (Science Fiction)

Earth is dying. So are we. With ecosystems collapsing at all levels, world leaders and researchers alike offer a radical solution—leave the planet behind. 

Dr. Lorsikka Vale knows not everyone can live among the stars, though. And nothing will stop her from rectifying the climate crisis, even if failure means losing more than her first home.

PW2020 Adult #15: ENTHEÓPHAGE (Science fiction)

Isobel desecrates the last pristine reef to create a treatment for her son's rare genetic disorder.
Luk's daughter contracts a bizarre new virus that leaves her screaming.
When the virus strikes children worldwide, CDC researcher Nadine uncovers the truth.

The children aren't sick. They're changing.

PW2020 Adult #16: TWEET HEART (Contemporary Rom Com, #OwnVoices – Sephardic Judaism)


Fueled by Lean Cuisines and Lexapro, shy guidance counselor Lucy moonlights as the anonymous voice behind a wildly popular Twitter account, keeping it a secret from her overbearing yet loving Mexican/Moroccan Sephardic family. But when her favorite follower – and secret crush - slides out of her DM's and into her IRL, Lucy's two worlds collide.

PW2020 Adult #17: HOT STREAK (Mystery)

Cynical tarot reader Katie wants more from life than selling tchotchkes at the mall, but stumbling on the murder scene of misfit work friend Marley is a bit too much. With help from her science-nerd brother and a shy, skeptical local cop, Katie uncovers a suburban underworld of two-bit mobsters and stolen cash—and a secret about Marley’s murder that puts Katie next in line.

PW2020 Adult #18: IN THE EVENT OF LOVE (Romantic Comedy – Bi #OwnVoices)

Determined to salvage her career after a scandal, LA event planner Morgan accepts a gig back in her rustic hometown—only to find that the lumberjane owner of the tree farm she’s there to save is the girl who broke her heart seven years ago. A steamy f/f Hallmark-style romcom.