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Adult #15: COMING INTO FOCUS (Women’s Fiction)
Eagan Daniels
Mentored by:
Michelle Hazen
Book Title:
2018 Adult Entries
Women's Fiction
Word Count:


Willa Reynolds works three jobs to support herself and her brother. It’s fine. Childish dreams of being a music photographer? Who can afford them?

When her brother leaves for college, Willa starts out as a rock star’s assistant. Once her camera starts clicking, opportunities abound, but putting her career first leaves her lonely.

When she has to choose between two jobs, Willa must battle her guilt and society’s expectations or risk losing not only the band family who needs her, and the drummer who loves her, but the career she was born for.



“Welcome to Broadway Bean! What can I get you?” I studied the man across the counter from me while I waited for him to order.

He had high cheekbones. Thick, brown hair and strong brows. Long, straight nose. Gray eyes? Maybe blue.

It didn’t matter. I’d photograph him in black and white, either way. In profile. His bone structure was great, but his face didn’t have enough character to carry a front close-up. The pattern of his shirt might—wait. He was talking.

“Sorry, could you repeat that?” I smiled, conditioned by years of customer service. Neutral-faced women got reported to the coffee shop owner, and I couldn’t afford complaints. The mortgage wouldn’t wait until I was in a smiling-at-strangers mood. Neither would Toby’s medical bills.

“I asked how you could have forgotten what I drink, since I’ve been coming here for weeks.”

“Oh, right, you!” I pretended to remember. The customer was always right, and even if his bone structure was perfect for dramatic side-lighting, all I was allowed to do was caffeinate him. And unless a bolt of lightning struck my bank account, I’d probably never get to swap my foaming wand for a Canon EOS 5DS.

Sadly, bolts of good-luck lightning rarely struck baristas.

4 responses to “Adult #15: COMING INTO FOCUS (Women’s Fiction)”

  1. Jennifer Unter says:

    Would love to take a look at this. Please forward the first 50 pages as a Word attachment to assistant@theunteragency.com. Thanks!

  2. Abrams Artists says:

    This is a great pitch! We’d love to see a sample. Please send the first 50 pages to books@abramsartistsagency.com

    -Abrams Artists Agency

  3. Nicole Payne says:

    I love this! I’d love to read more. Please send query, chapter and full manuscript to nicole@goldenwheatliterary.com with Pitch Wars in the subject line.

  4. Elizabeth Bewley says:

    Hi Eagan,
    I’d love to read more! Can you email me the first fifty pages as a Word doc attachment? I’m at ebewley@sll.com
    Elizabeth Bewley