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PW 2020 Adult Entries

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2020 Adult #21: BREAD AND SALT (#OwnVoices Contemporary Fantasy)

Amid growing anti-magic sentiments, outcast witch Rivka must tap into a family curse as she races to unmake a masterless golem. Unraveling the mystery of its origin puts her in the sights of a power-hungry politician, who leads her down a trap-laden path where failure means the destruction of both Rivka and the Jewish Quarter.

PW2020 Adult #22: JACKAL (Upmarket Thriller – #OwnVoices)

Liz, a jaded Black millennial, reluctantly returns to the Rust Belt for a friend’s wedding. When a twelve-year-old disappears, Liz is the only one who sees a pattern. They’re all Black girls. But as she gets closer to uncovering the truth, she risks being devoured by the beast lurking in her town’s dark past. LOVECRAFT COUNTRY meets THE LOVELY BONES.

PW2020 Adult #23: BOBBY VS THE DUKE (Historical Fiction/Alternate History)


Trying to leave England and his past behind him, James Darling takes an assignment reporting on the election between Bobby Kennedy and America’s favorite cowboy, John Wayne.

Partnering with American reporter Hal, James follows the candidates around the US, soon becoming embroiled in the cutthroat world of presidential campaigning. But when James develops feelings for his male partner, the potential scandal could jeopardize his and Hal’s careers and ruin their lives. But what's an election campaign without a bit of scandal?

PW2020 Adult #24: CITRUS (Speculative Thriller)

Ten years ago, Miranda created an artificial intelligence algorithm called C.I.T.R.U.S. Then, she walked away—from her career, her fiancé, and her family.

But when her sister disappears, Miranda is lured to Apex Island, an augmented-reality theme park now powered by the algorithm. As she unravels the park’s many secrets, Miranda begins to suspect that C.I.T.R.U.S. is more advanced—and her sister is in more danger—than she ever imagined.

PW2020 Adult #25: GLITTER IN THE DARK (Crime/Noir)

QUEENPIN meets MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES in this feminist noir set in Roaring Twenties New York.

Aspiring reporter Ginny Dugan’s always looking for a good time and a great story. She finds both when a wild night out ends in her witnessing the kidnapping of a torch singer at Harlem’s hottest speakeasy. Ginny teams with a brooding private eye to crack the case— but the dirt they dig up under her glittery world might be the death of them.

PW2020 Adult #26: ÆDEN’S WAKE (Space Opera)

Space merc Caspien Vargas wakes up screaming in the morgue after her squad dies in an explosion - apparently poking that ancient relic they dug up rendered her unkillable. Her nomadic people send her to the all-powerful Empire of the Architect with a proposition: the relic in exchange for protection. Traumatized, grieving, and burdened by her responsibility to her people, she must survive political machinations, an irradiated paradise, and falling in love with the woman at the centre of it all.

PW2020 Adult #27: DOWNHEAD (Historical Fiction – Literary LGBTQ #OwnVoices)

CARTER SICKLES x POSE x MIDNIGHT COWBOY. Hustler Cupid works the queer-smearing streets of 1969 New York for one reason: to keep his chosen family of homeless trans kids alive. When trans boy Bucky arrives in dire need of safety and help, Cupid sees himself in the child and offers protection. But as violent cops and predators close in, Cupid must decide how far he’ll go to save Bucky, and if he’s willing to kill for him.

PW2020 Adult #28: CHARM CAMPAIGN (Contemporary Romance #OwnVoices Neurodiversity)


Accidental politician Bell Scott is set to become the first autistic mayor of Borden, Ontario when a surprise challenger ruins her plans. Unlike Bell, football hero Aron Winters is a natural charmer – adept at hiding parts of himself he doesn’t want the world to see. Soon everyone’s falling for him…including her. As heat rises on and off the campaign trail, corruption threatens the race and rivals must unite—risking their hearts to save their city. 

PW2020 Adult #29: THE SPINNEY (Horror, #OwnVoices Queer MC)

Sixteen years ago, Brigit and her older sister played a game in the woods. One came home. The other didn’t. Now Brigit pays the bills as a fake medium “investigating the paranormal,” but when two teenagers vanish into those same woods, she must face her buried past to save them—except unlike Brigit’s powers, what lurks in the forest is very real. Paul Tremblay meets Magic for Liars.

PW2020 Adult #30: SUGARHIGH (Contemporary – Dark)

EUPHORIA meets VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. Gutter-punk, Xannie addict Gia spirals after her musician boyfriend abandons her for rock stardom in Los Angeles. But when a video of his fatal overdose goes viral, details from the media’s tragic accident narrative don’t add up. Gia’s suspicions drive her to LA to seek vengeance on the clique of internet-famous party piranhas who are now exploiting his death. But once Gia arrives, a terrifying question emerges: Is this in-crowd planning the same fate for her?