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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2021 YA #11: BEETLE KEEPER (Speculative, Black #OwnVoices)

As extraterrestrials deteriorate the personalities of her loved ones, sixteen-year-old Jurnee discovers she can use her mystical influence over beetles to restore them. The catch? It could cost her every memory she has.

PW2021 YA #12: THE CROWN BENEATH THE WAVES (Fantasy: Latinx #OwnVoices)

Venezuelan ATLANTIS meets SERPENT & DOVE

Kaira wants nothing to do with her magic-wielding family’s political duties—including an arranged marriage to the enemy usurper king. When her escape attempt fails, King Ion promises to release her if she helps him heal the magical dome protecting their underwater land. But as they untangle the lies haunting both their families—and grow dangerously close—the price to save the world becomes painfully clear: the death of thousands and King Ion’s life … or hers.

PW2021 YA #13: BALLAD OF THE GODS’ BLESSED (Afrofantasy – #OwnVoices)

When Dido, a Black princess blessed with magic by the gods, learns her brother killed her lover, she flees home and builds a sparkling kingdom with her powers. With a broken heart and lust for vengeance, Dido prepares to reconquer her homeland. But when colonizers invade her new kingdom, she must decide what’s worth saving: her motherland or her newly-crafted legacy.

This Aeneid reimagining is The Gilded Ones meets Daenerys Targaryen, inspired by African-American folklore. It features power-hungry girls who will burn down kingdoms to avenge the ones they’ve lost.

PW2021 YA #14: CHURCH OF SCARS (#OwnVoices Contemporary Fantasy with horror elements)

CRUEL PRINCE with Scandinavian vampires 

Astrid Skarsgård never believed the frozen woods were as monstrous as everyone said–until her grandmother disappeared in them. To find her, Astrid must team up with the bloodthirsty beast her grandmother warned her about. But as she unravels her family’s grim legacy, Astrid discovers the actual monsters were never in the woods.

PW2021 YA #15: YOUR BETTER HALF (#OwnVoices Diabetic Rom-Com)

Central High’s half-marathon fundraiser for diabetes is floundering without sign-ups, and newly diagnosed Avery is determined to save it. It’s the perfect opportunity to prove to her classmates—including the ex who dumped her because he has “enough to worry about”—that she’s still the girl who can do anything. Her plan to increase registration: matchmake every runner, including the race’s stubbornly single, immensely desirable founder. But finding his soulmate is even harder than running 13.1 miles when she falls for him herself.

PW2021 YA #16: THE BOOK OF JINN (Contemporary Fantasy: #OwnVoices)

CEMETERY BOYS meets CITY OF BRASS. After a botched incantation allows her to see jinn, Zarina's life consists of banishing them back to the jinn world before they can wreak havoc on unsuspecting humans—all while dodging disapproving stares from aunties at her Los Angeles mosque. But when more jinn start appearing, Zarina realizes something wants to tear down the veil that separates their world from hers. To protect everyone she loves, she must team up with her estranged childhood sweetheart who blames her for his sister’s death.

PW2021 YA #17: BY ANY OTHER NAME (Sapphic Retelling)

Juliet Capulet knows three things: 1. She wants to be a botanist, not a wife; 2. Some people deserve to be poisoned; and 3. Love is shit. But while apprenticing as an apothecary (disguised as a boy, no less), she meets Stella and has to rethink #3.

PW2021 YA #18: THE MOST BREAKABLE THING (YA Speculative Thriller – LGBTQ #OwnVoices)

Maya has seen ghosts her whole life, but she never imagined she’d be haunted by the ghost of her toxic ex-girlfriend, Alana. Desperate to come back to life, Alana blackmails Maya: help her possess another girl, or she’ll frame Maya for her murder. But when Maya falls for the girl she’s supposed to be dooming, she must choose between saving her new love and proving she’s innocent. THE DEAD AND THE DARK meets BLY MANOR.

PW2021 YA #19: AFTER EMMY (Contemporary #OwnVoices)

We Are Okay X The Astonishing Color of After by way of Mary H.K. Choi

After 16-year-old Ellyce Chang’s younger sister dies the night Ellyce sneaks out to a party, her parents abandon her to her estranged aunt in Vienna. Thrust into a glittering world of mansions and private school, Ellyce slowly finds solace in new friends and first love–if she’ll let herself. But when her parents unexpectedly return, she must choose: reunite her family in Taiwan, or stay in Vienna, where she may have found a family of her own.

PW2021 YA #20: INK BECOMES HER (Contemporary Fantasy)

UNDEAD GIRL GANG x PRACTICAL MAGIC: Parker didn’t think she inherited her family’s ink magic—until she tattoos her best friend, Charlotte, and foresees her imminent funeral. Powerless to stop Charlotte’s death, Parker turns to forbidden magic to resurrect her. But one wrong step in the blood-thirsty spell means unleashing an ink demon and damning both their souls for eternity.