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PW2019 Adult #23: THE BROKEN HALF (Mystery / Thriller)
Joe Passanisi
Mentored by:
Alex Segura
Book Title:
2019 Adult Entries
Word Count:


Family bonds are hard to break. That’s what unemployed corporate attorney Eva Torres learns as she attempts to reconnect with her estranged, money-laundering father and her defiant sister— who is wanted for the murder of a patron where she tends bar. Determined to clear her sister’s name, Eva meets Mike Walsh, a conflicted local restaurateur and her sister’s boss— who owes her mob-adjacent father a small fortune. As the two inch closer, lives are lost and Eva’s best intentions fall apart in this gritty, street-level thriller that’s RAY DONOVAN meets literary mystery UNDER THE HARROW.



Eva counted all the things she’d rather do than see her father again. She could have finished writing that legal memo back in the office. She could have caught up with her friends after work for a drink. She could have finally reunited with her sister Marisol. Unfortunately for Eva, she was in between jobs, her friends were across the Atlantic, and her father— the asshole she would gladly trade for a water-logged cigarette— was the only person who knew where her sister was.

What had happened between her and Marisol? It seemed she wanted as much to do with Eva as Eva wanted to do with their father. Time blurred the fractures between Eva and her family enough that she forgot how it broke in the first place. The phone calls that were supposed to be made yesterday became the phone calls that were supposed to be made last week— last year. And after all that time passed, hearts wandered into very separate lives. Eva’s friends would say she started to lose touch with her sister after their mother died, but Eva never wanted to hear it. One day she promised she’d reconnect with her sister. Now the day had finally come.

5 responses to “PW2019 Adult #23: THE BROKEN HALF (Mystery / Thriller)”

  1. Lori Galvin says:

    Dear Joe, I’d love to see the full ms, please send with query letter to lgalvin@aevitascreative.com with Pitch Wars in the subject line. Thank you so much.

  2. I’d love to see more. Please email the full manuscript with the query letter, proposal/synopsis, and an author bio to EWRquery@mcintoshandotis.com. Please attach all materials as Word documents, and include in your subject line: “PITCH WARS REQUEST – (Title of Project)”.

  3. Jessica Faust says:

    This sounds terrific. I would love to consider the full manuscript. You can send it through my Query Manager link: QueryMe.online/Jessica_Faust/PitchWars I look forward to reading it. Thanks again, Jessica Faust, BookEnds

  4. Sandy Lu says:

    Hi Joe,

    Please send the full manuscript with your bio and complete synopsis (all in one Word document) to sandy@lperkinsagency.com. I look forward to read more.

    Sandy Lu
    L. Perkins Agency

  5. Josh Getzler says:

    Hi Joe,

    I hope all is well! I was intrigued by your pitch and sample reading, and I’d love to read the full manuscript. When you’re getting ready to send out to agents, I hope you’ll think about sending me the full ms. If so, please send it to my email (below) with Pitch Wars in the title. Thanks, and looking forward to reading!

    All the best,
    Josh Getzler