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PW2020 Adult #36: SMORGASBORD OF SPIES (Mystery – Black #OwnVoices)
Lyn Randström
Mentored by:
Kellye Garrett and Mia P. Manansala
Book Title:
Smorgasbord of Spies
2020 Adult Entries
Mystery (Black #OwnVoices)
Word Count:


Division agent Katrina Foster is Black, American, and unceremoniously plopped in Sweden for her first mission – helping uncover who killed the country’s top agent. When she links the murder to a decade-old political assassination, a murderous mastermind, and a shadowy organization set on global disruption, Katrina becomes the killer’s next target. Can she rely on her wits, inner strength, and fabulous disguises to live to spy another day? ALIAS meets STEPHANIE PLUM.



Worst case of the Mondays ever.

It was barely nine in the morning and Katrina Foster had already found herself:



And unceremoniously dumped into a vehicle.

Her situation was made all the worse by the fact her day had started out so well. She had snagged the last seat on the light rail, avoided the usual long line for her daily vanilla rooibos, and managed to avoid spilling said drink while weaving her way past her fellow distracted pedestrians on the sidewalk. All in all, it had been a win of a Monday.

But then she sensed it. It began with that prickly sensation on the back of her neck. Katrina learned long ago not to avoid that feeling. She paused to sip her tea and took a surreptitious look around. She couldn’t explain why, but a tall, slender man in a navy Savile Row-looking suit caught her attention. And not because he was attractive. On the contrary, the man wore a disturbingly large mole on the right side of his forehead and suede lug-soled shoes.

Not your everyday look for someone in such an expensive suit, she thought to herself. This was in reference to the shoes, not the mole. Although.

She went another block before crossing the street and turning the corner, only to notice he mirrored her pattern.

9 responses to “PW2020 Adult #36: SMORGASBORD OF SPIES (Mystery – Black #OwnVoices)”

  1. Renae Moore says:

    Please send your query, synopsis, and first two chapters of your book using the following link: QueryManager.com/renae/PitchWars

  2. Mary C. Moore says:

    Ohh! I’m intrigued, would love to read more. Please use this link to send: QueryManager.com/Mary_C_Moore_KCA/PitchWars

  3. Ann Leslie Tuttle says:

    Dear Lyn,
    Congratulations on being in the Showcase. You’ve got an intriguing premise, and I love the setting you’ve chosen. If you’re interested in my considering your work for representation, please do send the first 50 pages to atuttle@dystel.com. If more than one DG&B agent has responded, please choose who you’d like to submit to first and let that agent know who else at the agency requested, and we will work it out amongst ourselves. Good luck with your writing.
    Ann Leslie Tuttle

  4. Lori Galvin says:

    Dear Lyn,
    Thank you for sharing your work. I would love to read more. Could you please send the full and query letter to lgalvin[at]aevitascreative[dot]com. Thanks again.

    Lori Galvin

  5. Melissa Edwards says:

    HI Lyn,

    I’d love to take a look! Please email the full to medwards @ stonesong . com with PitchWars and the title in the subject line. I know I’ve seen this before so I am really excited to take another look!

    Thank you!

    All best,

  6. Kimberley Cameron says:

    Please send first 50 pages – thanks!


    ETA: email Kimberley@kimberleycameron.com with “Pitch Wars” in subject

  7. Tamar Rydzinski says:

    Hi Lyn,

    I would love to read your manuscript! Please send the whole thing to querytamar@contextlit.com, making sure to write “Pitch Wars Request” in the subject line.

    Looking forward,

  8. Julie Gwinn says:

    I would love to see query and first 3 chapters to julie.gwinn@yahoo.com.

  9. Josh Getzler says:

    Hi Lyn,

    I really enjoyed your pitch and your sample. Could you please send the full MS of Smorgasbord of Spies to my email address, with PitchWars in the subject? Thanks, and looking forward to reading more.

    All the best,

    Josh Getzler
    Hannigan Getzler Literary