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Konstantinos (Kos) Kalofonos
Mentored by:
Sylvia Liu
Book Title:
Middle Grade
Word Count:


TUNNEL OF BONES x CITY OF EMBER. Di's world hasn't seen the sky in two hundred years. When her parents fall to a curse that turns them into light-shunning monsters, Di must do all she can to save them. With the help of new friends and forbidden magic, she must survive a series of trials to join the very group that plans to hunt her parents down.



In the reflection of Di’s sword, her father bustled around the one room house like he was possessed. He shoved random instruments into a bag, and this could only mean one thing. He’d be heading out again.

As per their rule, that meant she was either stuck at home alone, or—Di cringed, the neighbors would be sent over to watch her.

“Babá,” she said, jumping in front of him, “what are you doing?”

“I have to go out for a little while.” He stepped around her.

The answer was familiar, but it still made her heart beat against her chest. He hadn’t gone out in weeks and that was just how she liked it. A shiver ran up her spine as she looked to the door and imagined the darkness outside, waiting to envelope her father and take him away.

“How about you go tomorrow?” She stuck her head in front of his face and batted her big hazel eyes.

“Don’t put off—”

“Until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow,” she interrupted, giving him stink eye.

“What you can do today,” her babá corrected with a smirk. “Aren’t you funny.” He continued his dizzying journey around the room, lifting blankets and looking under pillows.

Di scrunched up her face. He was immune to her charms. She had to find something that would keep him home. Keep him safe.

9 responses to “PW2021 MG #04: RISING LIGHT: A LOST SUN CHRONICLE (Fantasy)”

  1. Paige Wheeler says:

    I’d love to take a look at the first 50 pages. Please email me the first 50 pages and the synopsis to my email address, paige@cmalit.com. In the subject heading write “Requested MG from Pitchwars.” Thank you!

  2. Lauren Spieller says:

    Congratulations on completing Pitch Wars, Kos! I’d love to read more. Please send your query + full manuscript + synopsis to Lauren@triadaus.com, and put “PW Request” in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you! ~Lauren Spieller

  3. Jennifer March Soloway says:

    New friends, forbidden magic, parents who have become monsters…I’m hooked! If you think I could be a good fit for you, please query me and submit the full manuscript: QueryManager.com/JenniferMarchSoloway/PitchWars2022

    I love a good story and look forward to reading yours!

  4. Penelope Burns says:

    I’d love to see this! If you’d like, can you send the query letter and full manuscript to penelope@gelfmanschneider.com, with #PitchWars in the subject line? Thanks so much!

    All best,

  5. Alice Sutherland-Hawes says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    This sounds wonderful and I’d love to read more. If you’re happy to, please upload three chapters and a synopsis here – QueryManager.com/ASH_Literary/Pitchwars

    Hope to see your chapters!

  6. Sarah N. Fisk says:

    Di sounds like a smart character with too much on her shoulders, which is my kryptonite honestly. Please submit the query, synopsis and first three chapters here: https://querymanager.com/query/sarahnfisk/PitchWars

    If multiple agents at Tobias request your materials, please submit to the one you think would be the best fit.

  7. Zabé Ellor says:

    Hello! What an awesome pitch–I would love to see more! Please send the query (in the body of the email) synopsis (an attachment) and the first fifty pages (an attachment) to zrellor.books @ gmail.com (remove spaces.) Please include “PitchWars Request” in the subject line, and please only query one JDLA agent at a time!

  8. Peter Knapp says:

    This sounds great! I would love to read more. Can you please send the full manuscript attached as a Word document to queries@parkfine.com with “Pete Knapp – Pitch Wars – MG” in the subject of your email? Please include the query letter at the start of your Word document, and if available please also send a short synopsis (but no worries if not readily available). Thanks! I look forward to reading.

    Pete Knapp / Park & Fine Literary and Media

  9. Christa Heschke says:

    Hi Kos!

    My assistant and I were so hooked by your premise. We’d love to read your story!

    Please send your query, synopsis, and full manuscript via Query Manager at this link: QueryManager.com/christa_heschke/PitchWars2122

    Thank you!
    -Christa Heschke, McIntosh & Otis