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YA #32: GAME ON (Suspense)
Elizabeth Schwab
Mentored by:
Samantha Joyce and Laurie Dennison
Book Title:
Game On
2018 Entries
Word Count:


People Like Us meets Paper Towns.

Ava Lance lives for vacations in Camden Seas with her best friend, Morgan. Only this summer, Morgan disappears, leaving a twisted scavenger hunt in her wake. As the clues reveal betrayals by everyone Ava loves, they also implicate her in Morgan’s disappearance. Playing the game could save Morgan, but it will definitely end Ava’s life as she knows it.



I swear on everything holy, from my mother’s Edith Head autographed napkin to my custom Bernina sewing machine, if this is my last Camden Seas summer, Heath and I are playing for keeps. Tonight. Right after Morgan explains what’s so big I had to meet her at the Groves fifteen minutes before I’m supposed to rock Heath’s world.

No surprise, Morgan’s late.

I pace from the office trailers to our original open-air grapefruit stand, my soggy t-shirt plastered against my back. Each step kicks up tiny dirt clouds that settle along my sandaled toes. Great. Earth and sweat, so not sexy.

Come on Morgan. I dial her cell. No answer.

More steps, and I gulp a shot of courage that’s supposed to be saved for later—lemonade Snapple and vodka—and salute my mom’s darkened trailer. Here’s to another milestone Caroline Lance will miss out on. Not that I’d tell her about Heath and me, but it’d be nice to know she was in the same country if I needed her.

The only thing keeping my heart rate under triple digits is my favorite fragrance, pink grapefruit. Nothing smells as good. Nothing. Unfortunately, the scent also reminds me of Vivi. If my sister finds out what I have planned tonight, she’ll go all pretend-parental and lock me in my room for life.

My alibi needs to get her ass in gear.

Morgan, where are you?

15 responses to “YA #32: GAME ON (Suspense)”

  1. Jess Dallow says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    This sounds awesome! I’d love to take a look at the full manuscript. Can you send it – as well as your query letter – to me at jess@browerliterary.com with PITCH WARS and your title in the subject? Thanks! Can’t wait to read.

  2. I’m intrigued by your premise and love the writing here.

    I’d love to read more. Please send your query and full manuscript as word doc attachments to hilary@ktliterary.com with PitchWars in the subject field. Can’t wait!

  3. Amy Elizabeth Bishop says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I’ve been looking for more suspense to add to my list and this seems to have all the elements I love! Could you send your full manuscript along as a Word doc to abishop@dystel.com, with #PitchWars in the subject line?

    Thanks so much!



  4. Elizabeth,

    I love your voice!!! I NEED to read more!!! Can you send me the pitch, the full, and a synopsis (2-4 pages)? Please use Times New Roman, size 12, black, double-spaced text, 1” margins all around, and ½” paragraph indents. Attach the manuscript and synopsis as two separate Word documents (docx). Sent to: lynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com and add “Pitch Wars Request” along with your title in the subject line. Thanks.

    If more than one agent from The Seymour Agency likes your entry, please send requested material to the agent you feel will be the best fit. #OneAgentAtATime

    Looking forward to reading more.



  5. Danielle Burby says:

    This sounds fantastic and I definitely want to take a look! Please follow this link for submission guidelines: http://queryme.online/1352/PitchWars2019

  6. Joanna MacKenzie says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I loved the voice here and can’t wait to read more. Please follow this link to upload your manuscript: http://queryme.online/1353/PitchWars2019

  7. Karyn Fischer says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    This sounds very intriguing and I would love to read more! If you’re interested, would you mind sending me the first 25 pages? You can query me at http://www.QueryMe.online/1325/PitchWars. To find out more about me, feel free to visit http://www.bookstopliterary.com/info.html.
    Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

    Karyn Fischer
    BookStop Literary Agency

  8. Josh Getzler says:

    I really like this beginning, and the idea from the synopsis. Please send first 50-ish (where it cuts best) to jgetzler@hsgagency.com, with query letter. Include Pitchwars in the subject. Thanks!

  9. Abrams Artists says:

    Great sample! If you could send the full manuscript to books@abramsartistsagency.com, we’d love to read!

    -Abrams Artists Agency

  10. Penelope Burns says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I’d love to see this! Can you send your query and full manuscript to penelope@gelfmanschneider.com with #PitchWars in the subject line? Thanks so much!

    All best,

  11. Stacey Donaghy says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I would love to read the full MS.
    Please send your query to http://queryme.online/Stacey_PITCHWARS
    Be sure to add #PitchWars In front of your book title on the query form. Once your query arrives, I will request the full!
    All the best,

  12. Jenny Bent says:

    I would love to see this. Can you please send the full ms to me at info@thebentagency.com. Please put the query in the body of your email and #pitchwars in the subject line. Thanks!

  13. Tara Gonzalez says:

    Hello! I’d love to take a look at the full manuscript of GAME ON! Please send it along as a word document to tara@emliterary.com at your convenience.

    Thanks so much!

    Tara Gonzalez
    Associate Agent
    Erin Murphy Literary Agency, Inc.

  14. Hillary Jacobson says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I would love to read this! Please send the full manuscript as a word document to hjacobson@icmpartners.com.

    My best,

  15. Allison Remcheck says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I would love to have a look at the first three chapters of GAME ON. It sounds so twisty and exciting. Please feel free to connect with me through my box at this link:


    And it would be great if you could put #pitchwars requested materials in the subject heading.

    Thank you so much!


    Allison Remcheck