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Pitch Wars Showcase

Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2019 and continuing through 2020

PW2019 YA #31: THE DEATH CARRIER (Fantasy)

In a world where magic and religion battle for dominance, 16-year-old Anora spent years avoiding both. But when demonic creatures kill her surrogate sister, Anora must overcome her aversion to magic and embrace the forbidden power of necromancy to protect her homeland.

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PW2019 YA #32: FOR GOLD AND GLORY (Science Fantasy #OwnVoices)

In an ocean world teeming with terrifying creatures, a working-class girl cheats her way into a deadly monster chariot tournament to save her dying sister. Winning means gold and glory. Losing, certain death.

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PW2019 YA #33: EMPYREAL (Contemporary Fantasy)

Hiding in a coastal English town, Nicole is safe from The Wake, the organization that owns her kind—as long as she suppresses her predatory powers as an Empyreal. But when The Wake sends one of its best to hunt a vicious creature, he threatens Nicole’s secret. Soon, keeping control of her heart becomes more dangerous than her nature—because if the hunter discovers what she is, he’ll hunt her too. SERPENT AND DOVE meets A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES

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To celebrate its military-industrial complex and conquests, Ravalia hosts the Revel. For trapeze-flying, drag-performer Quinn, this world’s fair is his chance to earn the King’s favor and bring his wrongfully conscripted brother home from the front. Then he learns that Revel profits will fund Ravalia’s next war. Quinn must join ragtag performers and politicians in using art to subvert tyranny—or be party to a massacre.


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PW2019 YA #35: DEAF WITH A CAPITAL D (Contemporary #OwnVoices)

Lilah isn’t deaf, but she’s not hearing, either. At summer camp for the deaf, Lilah must improve her ASL skills fast if she wants to fit in and communicate with the cute boy she’s crushing on. While she’s ready to dive into Deaf culture, the community can be wary of outsiders. And when a frightening miscommunication happens off campgrounds, Lilah also learns how dangerous a world made for the hearing can be. (Switched At Birth meets Jenny Han)

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PW2019 YA #36: LISTEN TO THE BONES (#OwnVoices Algerian Epic Fantasy)

DAENERYS TARGARYEN vs. JON SNOW in NORTH AFRICA A rivaling ex-princess and a royal bastard must hide opposing agendas to save their kingdoms from a centuries-old monster—if the secret it guards doesn’t destroy them first.

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PW2019 YA #37: SHAMPOO MOHAWK (Contemporary with Mystery Elements #OwnVoices)


Brian’s so gay he sweats glitter—it’s impossible to hide. No one knows he hosts the popular podcast—Shampoo Mohawk. Greg’s a super-masc-jock, so it’d totally ruin his image if people discovered he’s just as gay as Brian. And Leslie lives life in the wrong body.

When a hit-and-run shakes their small town to its core, Greg’s left unconscious in a parking lot, and Brian brings the investigation to his podcast, while Leslie is inspired to show her pride. If they can find the courage to step into their truths, they'll learn community is closer than they think.

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Seventeen-year-old Rochelle has a rare medical condition: her tears are pure diamond. Hunted by a mysterious man known as “Prospector” for her priceless tears, Rochelle has nowhere to turn except the father who abandoned her – a man with dangerous secrets of his own.

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PW2019 YA #39: BONETHINNER (Gothic Suspense)

Scarlett’s family has one rule: never speak of Nicodemus Stoker, billionaire owner of the palatial estate they manage, or the murders he allegedly committed before vanishing decades ago. But when an earthquake reveals a long-dead body on the grounds, Scarlett questions her parents' involvement in the murders. No one here, living or dead, is who they seem. Scarlett must uncover the truth about the property's dark past and find the killer before they find her.

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PW2019 YA #40: THE OTHER SIDE OF DIVINE (Fantasy #OwnVoices)

WINDWITCH x WICKED SAINTS It’s been 1,000 years since the gods were slaughtered. Another five since Valeska Svetskova became a conartist in exchange for having her self-destructive magic silenced. When her girlfriend, Naya, mysteriously vanishes, leaving only a cryptic note behind, Valeska must unravel the truth of where Naya went and why she disappeared in the first place. But Naya has been running a con of her own, and it isn’t long until Valeska discovers the gods aren’t as dead as they seem—and neither is her magic.

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PW2019 YA #41: I GUESS I LIVE HERE NOW (Contemporary – Korean #OwnVoices)

Melody is Korean-American, not Korean-Korean—she doesn’t even speak the language. When her parents transplant her to Seoul during her junior year, she’s stunned by the lavish lifestyle they’ve kept hidden from her, one that includes a five-bedroom villa and arranged dates with rich classmates. As she uncovers other secrets, she must confront what she thought she knew about her family to make this new city feel like home.

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PW2019 YA #42: THE YES GUARANTEE (Contemporary)

THE HATING GAME meets THE PERFECT DATE. The last thing Maggie needs is for her arch-rival, Vince, to discover her identity as Campus Cupid - the school's secret matchmaker. Now, he’s bribing her into combining their businesses – her matchmaking with his Promposal Services. Although reluctant at first, with them both competing for yearbook editor, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a close eye on her competition. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – just don’t fall in love with them.

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PW2019 YA #43: DAWN OF THE FIREBIRD (#OwnVoices Persian-Islamic Fantasy)

CITY OF BRASS meets THE POPPY WAR Of all Dada’s lessons, becoming a killer is what Khamilla learned best. So when her parents are murdered by the sultana’s spies, she’ll stop at nothing to avenge them. Even if it means infiltrating the sultana’s elite military to train as a soldier. Even if it means fighting on the wrong side of a brewing war. Even if it costs her humanity.

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PW2019 YA #44: A CAGE OF CLOUDS (Fantasy)

Lovers to enemies + CRUEL PRINCE Vesper Vale is the daughter of revolutionaries. Failed revolutionaries. Her mother was given a choice: death by the hangman’s axe, or death by the Storm. She chose the Storm. When Prince Dalca captures her father and sentences him to death, Vesper will do anything to save him from sharing her mother’s fate. Even magically alter her face and infiltrate Dalca’s army. Even steal Dalca’s heart—and give him hers. Even walk with him into the Storm.

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PW2019 MG #01: THE SPIRIT OF THE SEA MYSTIC (Contemporary Fantasy)

Ren thinks her grandmother’s old seaside motel in Myrtle Beach has character. Still, it’s a shock when that character speaks to her through a crack in the wall. Ren’s counting on this summer to pull her family back together, but if she can’t heal the wounded spirit, the rundown motor lodge will be destroyed...along with her parents’ marriage. FRONT DESK meets RULES FOR GHOSTING.

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