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Please note: These are the entries for the Pitch Wars season beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022. Please note that our Agent Showcase ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14, 2022. Agents will not be able to leave comments requesting material after that time.

PW2020 Adult #35: ME IN YOUR EYES (Thriller/Suspense)

Famed actress Ashe Stone’s identical twin is missing, feared dead. Heartbroken and mobbed by paparazzi, she devolves into a returning addiction, until she spots her sister’s coded message in the newspaper. Ashe unravels its familiar directions, but is she ready for what she’ll find? LITTLE SECRETS meets DARK PLACES.

PW2020 Adult #36: SMORGASBORD OF SPIES (Mystery – Black #OwnVoices)

Division agent Katrina Foster is Black, American, and unceremoniously plopped in Sweden for her first mission – helping uncover who killed the country’s top agent. When she links the murder to a decade-old political assassination, a murderous mastermind, and a shadowy organization set on global disruption, Katrina becomes the killer’s next target. Can she rely on her wits, inner strength, and fabulous disguises to live to spy another day? ALIAS meets STEPHANIE PLUM.

PW2020 Adult #37: BERSERKER QUEEN (#OwnVoices Historical)

Normandie, 929 AD: Sigrid the Haughty threw her first suitor out a window, burned number two alive, and slit number three's throat. William, a Persian bastard, just seized the Norse throne for attempt four. Long live the King.

BERSERKER QUEEN is the true story of a Frankish princess who killed Viking kings. HBO-style costume drama, 'Vikings' meets 'Ertuğrul'. International setting, interracial cast. Iranian #ownvoices. R rated trauma, sex, and violence.  Manuscript requested at the New York Pitch Conference by Amanda Ng of Penguin and Lyssa Keusch of William Morrow/Avon.

PW2020 Adult #38: MATCHME (Romantic Comedy)


When Kennedy’s boss at MatchMe—an NYC-based dating app—proposes using it to net the promotion-of-a-lifetime, Kennedy reluctantly agrees, believing in the company’s tagline that promises a genuine connection. Unfortunately, her first match is Logan, a cinnamon roll serial dater with money to burn.

Despite their incompatibility, they discover an intoxicating rapport and exactly what they aren’t looking for in a romantic partner. Regardless, the two become friends, wagering a bet where they pick each other’s dates to prove who’s right when it comes to MatchMe’s real purpose. When the pair catch feelings for one another though, everything goes off the rails, and they can’t help but wonder if maybe the app found what they were looking for after all: each other.

PW2020 Adult #39: THE ARCANE MAGE (#LGBT Contemporary Fantasy Romance)


Alex Vance commands enough magic to annihilate London, but he’d rather watch Love, Actually and fight over popcorn with his magical pet than save the world. When his agonisingly sexy ex-boyfriend, Tyler Winterbourne, prince of Magice Primaria, rescues him from a deadly attack of dark creatures, Alex must face the past he ran from, the love he’s afraid of, and the most unlikely adversary of all: his father.

PW2020 Adult #40: WILL DANCE FOR FOOD (Contemporary Romance)


Tessa, a free-spirited street dancer, dreams of Broadway but dances next to a cardboard donation sign instead. When newbie producer Max recruits her to revive his televised dance competition, she has a chance to rewrite her uncertain future.

There’s just one problem: Tessa can’t read.

When she enlists Max’s help in hiding her secret, their friendship ignites into something more. But relationships between contestants and crew are forbidden, so if they can’t suppress the growing flame between them, Tessa may end up the fleeting punchline to Max’s freshly cancelled TV show.

PW2020 Adult #41: TALL COTTON (#OwnVoices #Mystery/ Thriller)

In 1970s Jim Crow-era Mississippi, a young Black boy with an abusive father and a defiant Black lawyer find themselves entangled in the murder of a wealthy white plantation owner. The duo must seek the truth in the face of the white supremacist retribution it unleashes. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD meets THE HATE U GIVE.

PW2020 Adult #42: NETHERFIELD MUST GO! (#OwnVoices rom-com)

PRIDE & PREJUDICE X BLACK-ISH. Liza B—the only DJ who gives a jam—wants to take her neighborhood back from the soulless property developer dropping unaffordable condos on every corner in her hood. When Liza speaks truth to power, she learns just how wrong you can be about someone… And how right they can be for you.

PW2020 Adult #43: GROUND TRUTH (Dark Fantasy)

Audra Ryder is ready to start her own life now that her ballet prodigy little sister Leah has aged out of her custody.

However, after Leah suffers a career-ending injury, Audra must put her own plans on hold—again—to help her recover.

While struggling to care for her injured sister, Audra learns the real reason Leah dances ballet: it has been the only thing suppressing a curse that transforms Ryder women into tornadoes.

If Audra can’t figure out a way to sever the link between the Ryders and the stormy skies of Tornado Alley, Leah—and perhaps Audra herself—will be literally lost in the clouds forever.

PW2020 Adult #44: THE BOY WHO WAS YOU (Domestic thriller)

The Couple Next Door meets The Chain in this domestic thriller where the truth is more dangerous than the lie.

To cover up the death of your son, you take someone else’s child and raise him as your own. At least, that’s Maddie’s husband’s solution. It’s best for everyone, he says, including the boy. But the truth of the child’s identity is a secret that will upend both families’ lives.